Anime Action
12 episodes x 1/2H
Our hero Yu Kusaka is an ordinary high school student who unknowingly possesses the “Dragon Ayakashi”, the most powerful Ayakashi of all. His life drastically changes when he meets a mysterious girl called “Eimu Yoake”. Eimu instantly senses Yu’s extraordinary power. When his close friend Izumi is in danger, Yu’s “Ayakashi” awakens and he becomes the target of other “Ayakashis”. Yu’s most dangerous enemy is the “Serpent Ayakashi”, whose master is named “HE”. “HE” is the “mastermind” of all these occurrences.
BABEL II Beyond Infinity
13 episodes x 1/2H
Babel II – Beyond Infinity" is the story of a boy chosen to protect the earth from evil forces. Using tremendous psychic power he begins fierce battle against the villains possessing paranormal force.
BABEL II Original
100 minutes
Awakened by the "Tower of Babel", hidden in the stormy desert for centuries, a boy gifted with tremendous psychic powers challenges a monstrous man of evil force.
13 episodes x 1/2H
The gravity twist caused by the Grand Cross triggers the awakening of the evil Gormon's force. Kopu, a good existence, imprints “ID” to two babies born at that same moment. Ken and Takashi are attacked by monsters, but a mysterious force changes them into a might warrior to fight the evil Gormon.
BEAST FIGHTER - The apocalypse
13 episodes x 1/2H
Dr.Kurume found the Almighty Cell. It Heals Sayaka but turns Shinichi into a beast when he fights the monsters. Dr. Kurume predicts the " Almighty Cell" in Sayaka's body would produce the 'blood of Maria' needed for the resurrection of 'God'. The question is will Sayaka survive the vicious attacks of monsters and beasts drawn to her blood.
CINDERELLA BOY by Moneky Punch
13 episodes x 1/2H
Ranma and Rela, partners of a private detective agency, got seriously injured but are miraculously brought back to life again by ‘Dr. O.' But there's one problem – Ranma and Rela become one another at 24 hour intervals. Spies, terrorists and mobs chase them for what is hidden in their bodies.
13 episodes x 1/2H
A GRIPPING SPACE ADVENTURE FROM Mr. Leiji Matsumoto, the creator of “Galaxy Express 999” and “Captain Harlock.” At the order of the commander of the mechanized force, our hero, Zero, goes to hunt down his best friend, Captain Harlock in deep space. .
13 episodes x 1/2H
A series of murders frighten the city. Ryo, suffering from nightmares recently is induced by a mysterious power to go to Himalayas . There, He is totally possessed by Demon Lord Dante resurrects in this world for revenge to the God who destroyed his family thousands of years ago!
13 episodes x 1/2H
Lewis Caroll wrote two volumes about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, but there's a rumor of a mystical third volume. In order to compile the last book, magical bunny-girl warriors carry on battles with each other, stripping the defeated of pages locked inside them.
GHENMA WARS - Eve of Mythology
13 episodes x 1/2H
Born as the heirs of the ruler of Genma and a human woman, twin brothers stand against the vicious ruling of this demoniac race to save the degenerated humans. The brothers have to confront the Great Genma at the final battle.
13 episodes x 1/2H
Another master piece of Mr. Leiji Matsumoto. In a wild land, two totally different men, Harlock the Quick Draw and Tochiro the Mater Swordsman, meet a woman Sinunora and travel together on a lawless planet in deep space.
IKKI TOUSEN - Battle Angels
13 episodes x 1/2H
The spirits and souls of brave warriors sealed in the ‘Beads,' were handed down to their descendents. And now comes the time of awakening. Young girls who inherit the divine Beads set out for battles of conquest just as the ancient warrior fought for their dream.
12 episodes x 1/2H
“IZUMO, Dazzling Battles of Raging Swords!” is a stunning animation series full of action and adventure in a paranormal world beyond imagination. This series is based on and adapted from one of the most popular video PC games of the same title “IZUMO,” created by Kazue Yamamoto and released by Studio e · go! in 2001, 2002 and 2004. The Play Station Version was released in December 2004. More than 35,000 PC games were sold by the end of 2004.
48 minutes
Two young women fighting the evil that rules the kingdom.
KAREKANO/ His and Her Circumstances
26 episodes x 1/2H
Teenager boys and girls discover the allure of budding love and tender passion... and the heartaches that go hand in hand with first romances.
13 episodes x 1/2H
“Koi Koi Seven” is the hilarious action comedy of a young boy and seven, minus one, girls (we don't know why one girl is missing.) It takes place in and around the school where all the students are bubbly girls - except one! This animation series is based on the sizzling Manga-comic which appears in the monthly magazine; Champion Red.
MARS The Terminator
13 episodes x 1/2H
Mars, the perfect android, wakes up 100 years earlier than he was programmed by accident. He becomes a friend to humans and tries to protect them from his fellow guardian deities programmed to destroy earth, not knowing he is the ultimate terminator of this planet.
80 minutes
The quest to find the "Eternal Anchor" which unites two opposing planets.
Shooting Starlets MUSUMET
13 episodes x 1/2H
Seven shooting stars possessing mysterious power fall to earth. Two scientists create helmets to control the powers of these stars. When three daughters of one of the scientists put the helmets on, they immediately turn into "Musumets" - super girls with tremendous physical strength!
12 episodes x 1/2H
Soul Link is a sci-fi space adventure, describing the desperate struggle of military cadets sent to a space station to train at the first time. They arrive full of dreams and expectations about the infinite universe, unaware of the fact that they will be involved in a ware for survival.
13 episodes x 1/2H
After Dr. Oki, the builder of advance submarine 99 is kidnapped, his son, Susumu, decides to fight a new underwater terrorist group called “Helmet Party.” He has no idea how dangerous this underwater endeavor will be …..
WILD 7 - Swirling Canal
13 episodes x 1/2H
On the celebration day of the 2 nd Panama Canal , a ship full of VIPs is raided by the terrorists. After several failures to destroy them, the Government hires Hiba and his swat team called “Wild 7,” notorious for its excessive violence in action.
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