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CINDERELLA BOY by Monkey Panch

Year 20XX.
Ranma runs a private detective agency with a beautiful partner, Rela, in a lawless place called Kilin Town (commonly called ‘ Killing Town '). He is a hard-hearted adventurer.
One day, Ranma and Rela dabble into a dangerous job. They are chased by the mob and get seriously injured. But, the duo is brought back to life miraculously thanks to ‘a mysterious bio-scientist. And they have great power and speed three times more than any Olympic athlete! Mini-superman is born! Well… hold on. Don't get so excited.
Ranma changes into Rela at midnight and Rela changes back to Ranma exactly 24 hours later!
“Who made us into a trans-sex monster like this! Get us back to what we were!”
But that bio-scientist, ‘Dr. O,' has disappeared and there is no way to find him.
Unknown to the duo, a stunning secret is hidden in their body. During the unprecedented surgical operation, ‘Dr. O' plants the top secret of research made by Mr. X, who controls a huge organization called Nverland Foundation behind the curtain, in the duo's body. In no time, the private army of Mr. X is sent to ‘ Killing Town ' to capture Ranma. Then, the special squad of a military nation runs after Ranma to get the secret that might overturn the world. Ranma and Rela are thrown into a dangerous cat-and-mouse chase. In this desperate situation, they have to find out the clue that will bring them back to a normal body.
What is the secret that might overturn the world?
Who is the missing Dr. O?
Can Ranma and Rela get back to what they use to be?
It is a breath-taking full-course meal packed with car chase, air fight, sea battle, laughs and spicy scenes, too!
It is the new heart-sizzling world of Monkey Punch!

A private detective running a detective agency with Rela Cindy in ‘ Killing Town .' Ranma is a man of total solitude, having no family and no relatives in the world. He is killed in a traffic accident during an investigation but is revived through a miraculous bio-surgery performed by a mysterious scientist. He possesses great athletic ability like a mini-superman, but is annoyed his body switches into Rela's at midnight.

Ranma is a proficient investigator. He is methodical and hates to waste money. However, he loses money most of the time because of his sentimentalism in serious situations and his spirit of defiance to authority.

Ranma's weak points: He always falls in love with a beautiful lady instantly. He drinks no alcohol. (because he likes sweets.) He has acrophobia.

He insists the name of agency is “R & L” and it is his daily work to change the office sign. His shooting skills are first class. His favorite car is a ‘London Cab.' (An Austin model for taxi in London .)

He is a fan of “Response”, a tail end team in the professional baseball league.
Rela Cindy:
An arousing beauty and Ranma's partner. Killed also in the accident but revives as 'a switching human every 24 hours.' Rela is the daughter of the owner of one of the financial combines. She rebelled against her father and walked away from home. It is destiny (or, misfortune?) for her to come to ‘ Killing Town ' and became Ranma's partner.

Rela is quick-witted and has the eye to judge precious stones and art. She is gaudy and likes to dress up in style. She is a real heavy drinker and ‘Dom Perignon Rose' is her most favorite. Rela is a gambler and she makes Ranma outraged as she spends money for ‘operational expenses.' She looks like a selfish spoiled brad but detests injustice. Although she throws thorny words at Ranma, she is in love with him. So, she misses him after the duo becomes ‘the switching man.'
A mysterious glamorous girl who nestles up and can twist Ranma with her finger. Alice appears abruptly to get in his way, chase him or entrap him. She sells information to spies from any country.

“Is she a friend or a foe?”

It seems Alice knows the secret planted in the bodies of Ranma and Rela. But her true intentions are mystery. Ranma is cautious about Alice but always falls a victim to her seductiveness.
Dorothy Ozu:
Dorothy is an old woman who runs a shabby tobacco shop. She is also the proprietress, the telephone operator and the cleaning lady of “L & R (or, R & L) Detective Agency.” She is the only person who knows Ranma and Rela “switches” and promises to help them to communicate with one another. But, she is very forgetful and falls asleep frequently. However, there is a rumor that Dorothy has tremendous computer knowledge and making fortunes on the Internet.
Rela's pet. A smart and agile Border Collie. Toto never gets attached to Ranma and often bites him. It helps Rela's investigation. It likes soccer and tends to play with anything round.
Master Song:
One of the prominent figures in the underworld.
A ‘chat informant' who gives information to Ranma and Rela only through the Internet. The clients must pay first according to the credibility of the information sources. Rank A is very expensive. Rank D is just a junk.

Tinkerbell is spiteful. He sends information in code or in the form of a quiz. His true identity and source of information are unknown.
Alias Mr. X. The powerful man controlling a huge organization called Neverland Foundation developing and producing hi-tech weaponry including the bionic human soldier named “Unbreakable Man.” This organization built an artificial island on the sea off Killing Town . Hook has no hesitation to use any blood-chilling methods to carry out his mission. H e is a gourmand and likes dressing up in style. He fancies himself first class in everything. He pretends to be a quiet gentleman, but gets wild at times.
Dr. Grimm:
Alian Dr. O. A mad but extraordinarily genius scientist whose theory is “Personality Infusion” to unite a man and a woman into one body so that he can save the world from shortage of food due to the increase of population. He is the doctor who saves the lives of Ranma and Rela after their car fell down from the speedway.
The military commander of Nation B and the leader of the special squad to snatch the secret hidden in Ranma's body. Gurete is a beautiful but cruel woman. When her men make a mistake, she gives them a hard lesson with her whip. She likes to spit out jokes, but even her jokes freeze the others. Gurete is an enthusiastic supporter of the head of state, but she likes and admires the culture of Nation A at the bottom of her heart.

Format:13 episodes X 25 minutes approx.

© 2003 Monkey Punch/Project Cinderella Boy

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