Anime Action
fight of the winged - dragons!

An ordinary teenage boy, named Tuck, experiences an extraordinary "space trip" into a different dimension. Two of the planets in this dimension are Capricorn and its sister planet Slaphrase. Tuck meets Mona, a young girl of the Yappy tribe. The Yappies are remote descendants of the winged dragons. Throughout time, from generation to generation dating way back , the Yappies have been wardens of the "Eternal Anchor" which connects Planet Slaphrase with Planet Capricorn.

Zolva, the ambitious Minister of Planet Slaphrase, finds the secret of the Eternal Anchor. He wants to conquer both planets and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Zolva's evil scheme has got to be stopped.

Tuck summons the spirit of the ancient winged-dragon King and unities with the spirit to fight Zolva. Together with Mona and the Yappy tribe, Tuck attacks and crushes Zolva's fortress to defend and protect the peace and justice of both planets.

Format: 48 Minutes
Produced By: Tairiku Shobo


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