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GUN FRONTIER Illusive Targets

"Gun Frontier" is regarded as the start point of Leiji Matsumoto's 'World Ring.' It is a hilarious, thrilling and outrageous story that takes place on a lawless planet in deep space. In a wild land where the dust of sand swirls, two totally different men, Harlock 'the Quick Draw' and Tochiro 'the Master Swordsman,' meet a mysterious woman called Sinunora and travel together. "This odd threesome get involved in thrilling and outrageous brawls and seem to attract one fight after another!"
The planet is called "Gun Frontier." There is no law and order on this dry and barren star.

To live and to die, it depends on your own aptitude. It depends how smart you are.

This is the rule of the men's world - "Gun Frontier!"

The bullet carries a man's dreams and a bullet blows his dreams away.

There's a time for a man to go for it even if he knows he's going to die.

There's a time for a man to fight even if he knows he's going to lose.

Can our heroes survive in this harsh frontier full of danger and traps...? And what is the true purpose of Sinunora?

Episode Synopsis
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Format:13 episodes X 25 minutes approx.
Produced By: AT-X/TV Tokyo Medianet/Pronto/Maczam/Tuburaya Eizo/Vega Entertainment


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