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AYAKASHI -Curse of the Dragon-

When snow falls in high summer, it is when AYAKASHI descends from an ancient dark world. Ayakashi is an evil spirit roaming in this world. It invades a human body like a parasite. Ayakashi corrodes the body and soul and turns its host into a hideous monster. In exchange the host receives extraordinary powers. Most humans possessed by Ayakashi are destined to self-destruct. When the host dies, the Ayakashi perishes also. Ayakashi Masters are the humans who are possessed by Ayakashi. Masters are capable of manipulating their own Ayakashi but in return this greatly compromises their physical and mental state. They also have superior physical power compared with normal people and have a greater ability to recover.


Our hero, Yu Kusaka is an ordinary high school student who unknowingly possesses the “Dragon Ayakashi”, the most powerful Ayakashi of all. His school life drastically changes when he meets a mysterious girl called “Eimu Yoake”. Eimu instantly senses Yu’s extraordinary power. When his close friend Izumi is in danger, Yu’s “Ayakashi” awakens and he becomes the target of ferocious monsters in the form of other “Ayakashis”. Yu’s most dangerous enemy is the “Serpent Ayakashi”, whose master is named “HE”. “HE” is the “mastermind” of all these occurrences.

“HE” in his form “SERPENT AYAKASHI” attacks Yu’s DRAGON AYAKASHI and devours half of its body to gain ultimate power. “HE” continues to monitor Yu hoping to consume the rest of the Dragon’s body in order to become a complete form.

Episode Synopsis
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Format: 12 half-hour episodes
Production Year: 2007-2008


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