Anime Action
BABEL II Original
An Exploding Force of Psychic Power

Ko-ICHI, a high school senior, is awakened by a distant voice asking him to fight against the evil force in the name of BABEL II Original. Ko-ichi meets JUJU, a beautiful young girl and WONG, her friend, at a weird incident which occurs in town. Juju, Wong, and their leader YOMI, are organizing a powerful group of psychics and a master plan to conquer the world. Yomi discovers Ko-ichi's tremendous qualities as a psychic and orders his elimination. Three guardians appear to protect Ko-ichi, ROHDEM the black leopard, POSEIDON the gigantic robot, and ROBROSS, the dragon bird.

Hidden in the stormy desert is the Tower of Babel, Ko-ichi learns he is Babel II, a successor of the unknown force which originally build this tower. Someone with great powers and strong will is needed to overcome the renegade psychics. Wong challenges Ko-ichi but is quickly overpowered, and informs Ko-ichi of Yomi's home base by extracting the information from his subconscious mind. With the help of his three mighty guardians, Ko-ichi is able to destroy Yomi, Wong and their base.

While Ko-ichi and YUKA, a U.N. official investigate a series of incidents caused by the renegade psychics, Ko-ichi's powers are drained, and he is saved by his three guardians. Ko-ichi learns that Yomi is still alive, and has taken control of his guardians. Ko-ichi tracks down Yomi's new base, high in the Tibetan Mountains, and prepares for the final deadly confrontation.

Animated Series of Four 29 minute episodes
Story by Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Design by Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Produced by Sohbi

© 1994 M. Yokoyama/Sohbi.

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