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"Cosmo-Warrior Zero" is a new space fantasy created by Leiji Matsumoto, the famous illustrator and author of popular comic books and animation products. Leiji Matsumoto is best known in the US and Europe as well for the animated series entitled "Star Blazers" (a.k.a. Space Cruiser Yamato), "Captain Harlock" and "Galaxy Express 999." "Galaxy Express 999" is recognized as a classic masterpiece in the manga world. This series is not just an exciting space adventure but also a touching and significant tale describing the complexities, friendship and expectation; man vs. machine, human's limited life vs. immortality of mechanized men. Most of main characters have already appeared in Leiji Matsumoto's previous works such as "Galaxy Express 999," Space Pirate, Captain Harlock" and "Queen Emeraldas. In this new series, the story focuses on a very attractive hero called Zero, the valiant cosmo-warrior who survived devastating galaxy battles


At the end of the thirtieth century, all the races of our galaxy expand to the faraway frontiers of the vast universe. It is a time of freedom and lawlessness in deep space, too. The so-called 'Infinite Track' of Galaxy Express Railway now stretches out beyond Andromeda.

A new type of humanoid called 'mechanized man' begins to emerge on earth. The mechanized man possesses highly advanced technology and immortal life. This humanoid often loses its soul and becomes mean and cruel. The people who value a limited life span stand against the dominance of increasing mechanized immortals. The battle encompasses the entire earth and in the end, the 'fresh-and-blood' human beings are defeated. The mechanized men begin ruling the earth.

The human beings try to adjust to the life under the control of the immortals. Some find it possible to acquiesce to the new rules for an easy way. Others bear hard days. And some leave earth, hoping to find humankind's future in the universe.

Warrior Zero is the commander of the Independent Fleet, the Armed Forces of the earth. He lost his family and friends in the war between human beings and the mechanized men. He parted from his best friend, Captain Harlock, whom he fought with side by side. Zero's soul was crushed of the loss of family and friend. He has no hope, no dream and no aim in his life anymore.

One day, Zero receives an order from the Supreme Commander - the order to hunt down a space pirate called Captain Harlock. He is surprised. He hesitates. He detests this mission. Captain Harlock only assaults mechanized men's spaceships. Why should he help the immortals?

After long thought, Zero decides to take the mission. The lonely cosmo-warrior needs a good reason to live. He needs to find the true meaning of his life as a human. Knowing Zero's departure, Captain Harlock waits for his old friend, now the sturdy foe coming to destroy him. Somehow, he knew that one day he would battle against his old friend, Zero. What will the infinite universe bring to Zero?

Warrior Zero:
Tsubasa was born to be a soccer player. His love and dedication towards the game is truly great. With his cheerful and positive personality, he overcomes many hardships becoming a world-class star player (Playing in San Paulo, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain).
Vice Captain of "Karyu" (Fire Dragon), the flagship of Independent Fleet. Age 22. Marina is a young and ambitious elite graduated with the outstanding cores from the Space Defense Academy. She makes several mistakes as she sticks to the principles of textbook. But, she will get crew's trust in her own way soon. While watching Zero's valiant way of living, Marina falls in love with him. (Marina is a mechanized aquatic humanoid. She can stay and live underwater. She is the only survivor of her water planet after it became uninhabitable. She managed to get to earth, but before leaving her own star, had to her body mechanized to live on lad and travel in space. She was adopted by a family and raised up as a normal child. Toward the end of series, Marina is afraid to go back to her planet of only few ruins and dried barren lands. The ship's crew is shocked when they find she is a mechanized humanoid. At the same time, they learn it is not right just to hate mechanized men always, but sometimes they'd better to accept the bio-metallic humanoid.)
Young Harlock:
The most wanted space pirate with distinctive scar on his cheek. Age 23. Height 183 cm. A slender and handsome man. He resists living under the government of mechanized force. He loves freedom and adventure. He builds remodels and improves his battleship, Arcadia, with the help of his friend,
Together they prepare for when the time comes. Tochiro: A great samurai Tochiro is 21 years old. Height 153 cm. He is a short and stubby guy. At a glance, he looks like a good-for-nothing, but actually he is a great samurai and an amazing swordsman. He is also an engineering genius. His dream is to build the best spaceship in the universe. He hopes no to come across Zero, as he likes the space warrior as much as he likes Harlock. Tochiro and Emeraldas make an odd couple but they love each other.
Lady Emeraldas:
A young and beautiful pirate. Always cool and self-controlled in battle. Some call Emeraldas 'an ice woman' or 'even 'witch.' She puts up with her fate - destined to battle throughout the universe. Emeraldas wants to solve the mystery of her space ship, the Queen Emeraldas as nobody knows who made it and why.
Vice Captain of 'Death Shadow II." Age 20 approx. Yattaran is a long time space-mates of Captain Harlock. They have been cruising in the outer space side by side. A cheerful and friendly guy. He is devoted his entire life to make plastic models.
Le Sylviana:
Age approximately 20. Height 160 cm. Sylviana is a bounty hunter wandering spce frontiers. She is a quick draw and also a heavy drinker. Folks get alert when she appears, as she is a notorious troublemaker starting commotion everywhere she goes. She is after Captain Harlock. However, it seems there is something else on her hunt.
Heavy Grenadier:
Height 210 cm. An enormous and reckless mercenary. Heavy Grenadier is too wild to live in any place other than the battlefield. He wanders through the stars to find a better rewarding job. Why? . It is his secret desire to save the desert people of Planet El Alamein where he once fought and destroyed all over the planet severely. While working under Zero, he gradually has trust and respect toward the commander.
Its formal name is 'Battle Analyzer.' This robot is an armed analyzer with many weapons all over its body. Batlyzer transforms into a mini battleship and can jump a long distance in space by the warp-drive. His creator is unknown. It reactivates itself in a dumpsite of broken robots. When it sees a ship, it asks, "Is this the legendary battleship?" when it catches a girl in its sights, it presses her to marry it…!
An old chief engineer. He has been working with Zero since the commander started his space carrier. He is a good adviser and mentor to Zero.
Doc. Machinar:
Doctor of battleship "Karyu" (Fire Dragon). He is a mechanized man with skilled and precise techniques for any operations. He decides to make him mechanized in order to keep his skill and restraint status of mind. Unlike other mechanized men, he still has a good heart to appreciate the importance of life. Shizuo Ishikura: The sergeant major controlling all the sub-officers of the ship. Ishikura is also the captain of airborne fighters. Although he is loyal to Zero, he tends to be stubbornness and insistent He climbed up to the present position with outstanding hard works.
Kanta Rai:
The gunnery officer of Karyu. A short-tempered and simple-minded man. Very quarrelsome, too. He detests the mechanized soldiers.
Shigeru Nobara:
An officer of Karyu.
Takeshi Unabara:
An officer of Karyu.
The chief navigator of Karyu. He never shows any kind of emotion and speaks in monotone. All his conducts including course programming and giving orders to the crew are calculated and unforgiving. Although he is a typical mechanized man, he will get know to what the humans are gradually.
Chairman of Earth Union:
A 100% 'fresh-blood' human. He is proud of making up a truce between the human beings and the mechanized force. He willingly accepts to change his body into bio-mechanic.
Zeth Water:
Zeth has a enormous power as the Galaxy Governor General of the outer Solar System. He is also the commander-in-chief of the mechanized fleet that attacked the Earth Union Force. He is ruling the Pluto and the entire outer region of Solar System. He is scheming to change all the earthlings into mechanized men. His big headache is the space pirates lead by Captain Harlock. It is his decision to order Zero to hunt down Harlock. He stays in Helcastle owned by Helmetear as his body does not work well on Pluto. At the final space battle, the governor-general tries to kill Harlock by his own hands.
Hel Matear:
Age unknown. Although her true identity is mysterious she has the power equal to the governor-general or even superior. She always watches Zero's whereabouts and what he is doing. Actually it is her ultimate aim to destroy the entire Solar System. She gets tired of the eccentric vengeance toward to Harlock and abandons this insane leader.
Mechanized Froce:
The military force of mechanized men. The soldiers are controlled by the host computer.
KARYU (Fire Dragon):
The largest battleships of the entire earth forces. It is equipped with parallel twin 'Wave' cannons at the helm, three triangle Shock cannons, missile launchers and many Pulse Laser guns. To cruise in space, it uses twin 'Wave' engines installed horizontally. Karyu also has three-dimensional radar to search for enemy ships. Size -- 550 meters long.
Queen Emeraldas:
It is a legendary space ship built by a highly civilized existence for a long time ago. Emeraldas found it on a ruined planet, Toshiro gave full repair works and reactivated it. Although it looks like a simple balloon, it possesses a lot of attacking and defensive weapons. Some say it has its own will!
It is an ideal battleship that Toshiro and his friends wanted to build. The mark of skeleton drawn at the helm scares everybody away. The engine system is compressed 'Wave-Gravity.' Tochiro created a control system called the 'Spiritual Zone Center.' He says it needs more improvement and never stops adding new devices to the Arcadia whenever they are available.
Death Shadow - Prototype:
It's Tochiro's 'toy' with lots of experimental weapon systems and other gadgets. Problem is this ship starts firing without any warning, and falls on to the ground so often. Size - 260 meters long
Death Shadow II:
Mu-Oh (Dream King):
The flagship of earth forces. Equipped with two 'Wave' cannons and 4 triangle Shock cannons. In the posse of Captain Harlock, it is ranked No. 2 in the fleet, closely follow Karyu (Fire Dragon).
Wadachi (Trail):
A heavily armed cruiser. With large diameter 'Wave' cannons, triangle Schock cannons and Plasma Beam guns, Wadachi makes a strong defensive line against enemy attack.
Kohsoku (Light Speed):
A fast and agile destroyer to hunt space submarines and stealth ships with three-dimensional radar. It has space torpedoes and high speed auto pilot called ESP.
Daisen ( Great Mount):
a space carrier to transport military goods and fighter planes to the war front. It need strong protection of escort ships as it has no weaponry. Size - 382 meters long.
Yamabiko (Echo):
A submarine-type attacker having the capability to fly and fire missiles in the half-zone between dimensions. Size - 98 meters long.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 15 half-hour episodes
Genre: Sci-fi adventure
Original Story: Leiji Matsumoto
Produced By: Enoki Films Co., Ltd.


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