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Kagihime Monogatari

Lewis Caroll wrote two volumes about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, but there's a rumor of a mystical third volume. In order to compile the last book, magical bunny-girl warriors do battle with each other, stripping the defeated of pages locked inside them.

Aruto Kirihara, age 14, is a gentle-hearted bookworm who’s favorite book is “Alice’s Story.” He likes to create his own stories of Alice. One moon-lit night, Aruto meets a girl who looks like the Alice in his book. To his surprise, the girl’s name is Alisu Arusugawa. The pronunciation is exactly the same as Alice from the Wonderland books. Aruto learns there are so-called Alice-powered girls fighting for possession of the stories written in a mysterious book. Dreams will come true for a person who collects and reads all the stories in this book. Aruto realizes he also possesses the power to link with this imaginary world of fighting girls.

Aruto Kirihara:
A gentle eighth grader who has a hard time saying no to people. He is intelligent and is a book worm. He is observant and has an acute sense of analyzing different situations and comprehending them. He is a likable character (could also be perceived as a little pathetic).
Alisu Arisugawa:
An eighth grader with Alice ability. She is a curious girl who likes to meddle in other people’s business. Alisu is at a disadvantage since she isn’t always able to be true to her feelings but she is self-sacrificing and has a kind heart.
Kirika Kagarigi:
A senior at the school that the main characters go to. She is composed and calm. Nothing else interests her other than her research to seek her ideal. People think of her as being cold but it is just that she’s not interested. She doesn’t have much to do with boys either but in order to fulfill her curiosity for her research, she becomes interested in Aruto.
Kisa Misaki:
Aruto and Alisu’s classmate. She is very feminine and graceful. She is also clumsy and a little spacey. However, no one notices that behind her actions is her own unwritten law. She has always loved pretty things since she was little, especially Kiraha and she has always wished to be more than friends with her but everyone else around her, including Kiraha, assumes that she likes Aruto and no one is aware of the truth.
Kiraha Kirihara:
A big fan of her brother Aruto. Kiraha is the type to express her emotion without hesitation and is true to her desires. She is smart and is talented at everything. However, when it comes to her brother she is not able to control her feelings and tends to make mistakes. She is popular because she is pretty. But, she is not interested in anyone other than her brother.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 13 X 25 minutes approx.


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