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Shooting Starlets MUSUMET

Seven shooting stars fall to earth. Two scientists create helmets to control the power of stars. When three daughters of one of the scientists puts the helmets on, they immediately turn into “Musumets” – super girls with tremendous physical strength. They take an oath to fight for justice and peace throughout the world.

Thus, new battle angels are born! Young, beautiful and deadly!


One day, seven shooting stars from a faraway galaxy fall on earth. Each of the seven shooting stars is a different color of the rainbow and possesses tremendous power. When someone holds one of these stars, his desires can become reality. On the other hand, he may be transformed into a monster.

Two scientists, Dr. Mishina and Dr. Kishida, secretly capture 3 of the 7 shooting stars. After strenuous research, they succeed in controlling the power of the stars by using a specially designed helmet called “Musumet.” Musumet looks like normal bike head gear, but it has two outstanding functions – To change the body of its wearer into the strongest on earth and to amplify the original power and strength of its wearer infinitely.

Dr. Mishina and Dr. Kishida made the secret organization; “MET,” to use the power of Musumet for world peace and to protect the earth from possible damage that could be caused by the four missing shooting stars. However, Dr. Mishina passed away before he could find all the stars. His three daughters, Aoi, Midori, and Kurenai, decide to follow their father's wish and become the Musumets: Aoi becomes Musume Blue. Midori becomes Musume Green. Kurenai becomes Musume Red.

When the three young girls transform themselves into Musumets, no part of their bodies changes except their helmets, gloves and boots. They scramble to the scenes of incidents in what ever clothes they are wearing at that time such as uniforms, masquerade clothes or even swimsuits!

Taking off the head gear, the three sisters are young and pretty girls dreaming to one day meet handsome boys. The problem is, there's no time for them to go out boy hunting because of the never-ending emergency calls from MET.

Format: 13 episodes X half-hour approx.


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