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BEAST FIGHTER - The Apocalypse

The story begins in a ruined city soon after the catastrophe designed by the awakened omnipotent existence alias ‘God' who destroyed the civilization almost completely. However, this existence is not a perfect god yet. It needs the ‘blood of Maria' for total resurrection.

The city starts to revive. Mankind has strength to heal up the wounds of destruction.

‘God' hides somewhere, waiting for a time to capture Maria's blood quietly.

Sayaka Sanders, just recovered her cardiac disease thanks to “Almighty Cell” given to her by her father, Dr. Sanders, has a nightmare – Hideous monsters pounce upon her to carnivore. Then, a huge beast jumps in and tears monsters into pieces. When she goes back to school, the same incident happens in real and she is saved by the giant beast once again.

Sayaka's nightmare continues and many more monsters come up to attack Sayaka and this giant beast called Shinichi as well. He is a human being with extraordinary power proliferated by the “Almighty Cell” produced by his father, Dr. Kuruma.

Dr. Kuruma used his wife and two children for testing his bio-cell containing secret DNA. Only Shinichi survived after the test. Sayaka's father used a portion of the same Cell to cure her daughter. This is why Shinichi is drawn to Sayaka and feels the same emotion Sayaka does. Both Doctors predicted that the Almighty Cell in Sayaka's body would produce the ‘blood of Maria' that is the last thing needed for complete resurrection of ‘God.'

While Shinichi battles with a bunch of monsters, Sayaka is kidnapped for transplanting her whole blood to the omnipotent existence. When she is driven into a desperate situation, a startling thing happens! A beam flashes out of her body! And it is only the beginning of frightening project prepared by 13 most

Episode Synopsis
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Format:13 episodes X 25 minutes approx.


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