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Sacrifice Of The Evil Spirit

Long long ago, in the era of Swords and Sorcery, the world was turbulent, full of danger and hardship caused by incessant wars.
We meet Jun (Princess Juniana of Empire Moore) and her cousin, Sarah (Lady Saraphina-Effra). Jun is the only successor to the Moore Empire. She is spirited and daring and she loves adventure. She has no interest in her lineage to the throne. Jun is a master swordswoman and Sara has the potential to become a great sorceress. Jun teams up with Sara and together they set out on a journey in a quest for adventure. They are joined by Orin, a young boy who is the only survivor of an ancient sorcery clan.

Soon they find themselves trapped on the high seas in a pirate ship. Jun and Sarah narrowly escape from the ship, but only with the help of Orin. They try to save another boy, Kirian, but he is struck by the lance of one of the pirates. Dying, he asks Jun and Sarah to give his pendent to his brother and sister, Yurion and Rubiera. They are the royal heirs of Lord Grafton and are living in the Palace of the Kingdom of Foda. Here also lives Baron Selbion, an evil and power hungry man. Selbion plots to overthrow the King enlisting the help of Foda's guardian deity, Holy Mother Kila.

Jun and Sarah sneak into the Palace to tell Yurion and Rubiera of their brother Kirian's death. They see the impending doom of the Kingdom and with the help of Orin, escape from the palace on horseback, taking Yurion and Rubiera with them.

During the night, they are attacked by Baron Selbion and his troop. Rubiera and Orin are snatched away. Jun and Sarah decide to go back with Yuiron to the Palace. They are ambushed and Jun is captured by Duke Shargan of Empire Moore. Duke Shargan claims himself to be Jun's fiance.

Sarah learns that Rubiera has become a maiden of the wicked Kila and entering Kila's sanctuary, Sarah runs after Rubiera. Sarah fids Rubiera at the base of the Pedestal of Kila, deep in comatose state. When Sarah calls out to awaken Rubiera, Kila's voice thunders throughout the sanctuary. Sarah braces herself against Kila's influence.

In the mean time, Jun and Yurion find Baron Selbion and challenge him to a fight. Jun urges him to awaken Rubiera. By using Sarah as a spiritual channel, Yurion's voice reaches the little princess and she comes back to life. Behold! The sanctuary crumbles. Losing her sacrifice, Kila perishes with agony and fury. Yurion saved Ruberia, but dies in her arms.

Jun and Sarah see Rubiera riding back to Grafton alone as they gallop away on a new adventure.

48 minutes
Produced by: Tairiku Shobo


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