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Soul Link

The outer space is the new frontier for mankind to expand its power and territory. It still is a mysterious region that is full of unpredictable and dangerous occurrences. Even in the space age, there are rebellious militants and terrorist groups opposing the United Global Government with violence. They are armed with high-tech weapons and even possess their own space shuttles.
“Soul Link” is a sci-fi space adventure, describing the desperate struggle of military cadets sent to a space station to train at the first time. They arrive full of dreams and expectations about the infinite universe, unaware of their cursed fate that they will be involved in a macabre war for survival.


AD 2045, Ryota Aizawa is in the 3rd grade of a Preparatory Course at the Central Military Academy. He goes up to the space station, Aries, for training with a bunch of his classmates; Sayaka Nagase, Kaz (Kazuhiko) Nitta and others. He meets his brother, Shuhei Aizawa, and some of his old buddies there. Everybody is excited with this very special ‘field trip.’ But, their fun time is abruptly disturbed when their space station is attacked by a terrorist group called Hallarax. Their struggle to survive and to find their way back to earth begins…

Ryota Aizawa:
A 3rd grader in a preparatory course at the Central Military Academy. Ryota is a gentle and easygoing boy who does everything his own way. He does not like to dispute or fight. He is often pushed around by his classmate, Sayaka, but never gives in on what he thinks is right. He will become the leader of his friends in his older brother Shuhei, absence.
Sayaka Nagase:
Sayaka is Ryota’s classmate in the 3rd grade of the Preparatory Course at the Central Military Academy. She is always active and positive. She takes care of her classmates too. She finds out she is the daughter of Shigemichi Nagase, the vice commander of the Space Station Aries. She didn’t know because Nagase divorced with mother and Sayaka uses her mother’s maiden name.
Shuhei Aizawa:
Shuhei is Ryota’s elder brother and a 2nd grader in the Preparatory Course at the Central Military Academy. He is a typical elite cadet with high intelligence and outstanding athletic talent. He likes to take initiative and lead others. He is infected by the Scura in an accident and gradually loses his senses. Scura is a liquid life force with high intelligence. It gets into the human blood stream and controls the mind.
Nao Morisaki:
Nao is in the 4th grade of the Preparatory Course at the Central Military Academy. She is the childhood friend of Ryota and Shuhei. She is in love with Shuhei. She is very maternal. She likes to make cakes and cookies. She belongs to the medical squad.
Aki Nitta:
A 1st grader in the Preparatory Course at the Central Military Academy. Aki is a girl gifted with the brain of a genius. She is a brilliant computer operator. Tough, saucy and outspoken. Aki despises a person who she finds inferior to her, but, plays innocent in front of a person of superior ability. Pretending to be unfriendly to her cousin, Kaz, in fact she has extreme trust in him.
Yu Yamanami:
Yu is a female civilian on the Space Station Aries. She is always calm and self-possessed like a veteran soldier in extraordinary situations, and likes to act alone. Her true identity is a mercenary hired by the terrorist group, Hallarax, although soon she becomes an ally to Ryota and his friends.
Nanami Inatsuki:
A cheerful girl who never forgets to smile. Nanami has a weakness for sweets. Nanami is a quick learner and has sharp senses. In fact, she is the daughter of Shuhei Aizawa and Nao Morisaki; a half-human and a half-Scura. Her hidden ability (implant of cancer cells) will be fatal to Cellaria Markelight.
Aya Sugimoto:
Aya is Sayaka’s best friend and a civilian left on Space Station Aries. She is a shy dreamer who wants to be a florist. Although kidnapped by the terrorists, she takes care of wounded men.
Karen Tachibana:
Karen is the vice captain of Hallarax, the terrorist group. She is a self-determined skilled soldier. However, while fighting against Ryota and the other cadets, something strikes her and she decides to join Ryota.
Cellaria Markelight:
Cellaria is a training instructor at the Central Military Academy. She has been invited as the military advisor from abroad. Her true face is that she “controls the strings” of Hallarax and she is the perfect Scura Possessor with eternal life. She looks gentle and faithful at a glance, but, is actually cruel and cold-hearted. She made a temporary partnership with Hallarax to make use of Gail, Aya and the other members. Cellaria plants Scura cells in other humans and creatures to control them. The infected beings are classified into two groups; servants and marionettes. Marionettes are under her complete control at all time.
Kaz (Kazuhiko) Nitta:
Kaz is the brother of Aki Nitta and Ryota’s classmate. He is jealous and hard on Ryota sometimes as Nao is close to Ryota. (But, Nao is stuck on Shuhei.) He has a great deal of knowledge and is called “a walking encyclopedia”.
Shige (Shigemichi) Morimoto:
Shige is the vice commander of the Space Station Aries. He likes humor and is a self-professed as ‘dandy.’ He has a daughter, Sayaka Nagase, from his divorced wife. He is good cook after a long bachelorhood. His hobby is playing the violin and magic. He is killed in a battle to save Ryota and Sayaka.
Gale Lantis:
Gale is the leader of the Hallarax terrorist group. He is a professional With vast experience. Coarse and short-tempered. When he realizes that he has been used by Cellaria Markelight, he tries to flee Aya and is shot dead.
Shin Kurosaki:
Shin is a collaborator of Hallarax and Cellaria. He has long blue hair and wears glasses. He joins Ryota’s team later on. Shin knows what Cellaria really is.
A notorious skirt-flipper. He dashes in, flips a girl’s skirt to reveal her shorts and pops out in a flash. Nao Morisaki is his favorite victim.
What is Scura?
Scura is an accidental bi-product made from a medical reproduction process that Cellaria was studying. The Scura Cell has a couple of mysterious characteristics:
(1) The cells divide endlessly.
(2) The cells multiple endlessly.
(3) The level of electronic fluctuation helps Scura to keep its human form. The information and memories stored and the change of electronic fluctuation bring forth an illusion of afterimage.
therefore, an individual who looses a limb still senses it is there.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 12 episodes X 25 minutes approx.

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