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Prince Mackaroo - Call of Milkyway - A Journy to Wish Star
Call of Milkyway - A Journy to Wish Star
Prince Mackaroo a.k.a. Ojaru maru - Special
Special in 15th anniversary

Prince Mackaroo and Cozmo receive a gift from Kanae, the falling star from outer space. It is the ticket of Galaxy Express. They are told that they will arrive at the Wish Star at the end of Galaxy railroad. Prince Mackaroo is excited that his long time wish; “To have 10 sweet puddings every day” might come true!

On a clear night with full of twinkling thousands stars Prince Mackaroo and Cozmo hop in Galaxy Express. What is waiting for them on the way? What is the Wish Star at the terminal?

This is the fantastic adventures travelling through the stars in Milky Way!

Format: 60 minutes


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