Action Adventure
Exciting and Romantic Adventures in a Parallel World

Mako is the most popular boy in his high school. He excels in everything he touches and all the girls adore him. He is loved by everyone -- well, almost everyone.

Jimbo hates Mako. It seems whatever Jimbo does Mako does just a little better! It's frustrating. It's infuriating. It's got to stop!

Jimbo is obsessed with beating Mako. Not just beating him, but destroying him! Nana, Jimbo's sister, admires Mako like everyone else. She joins Mako to set up an extremely elaborate science experiment.

Jimbo sees his chance to sabotage the experiment, but things don't go as he expects! The science room is struck by an unearthly beam of white light! There is an incredible explosion! And...

...Then Mako, Nana, Jimbo and Mr. Fuji, Mako's science teacher, are sucked into a different dimension -- a strange place known as EL HAZARD! Mako, Nana, and Mr. Fuji are swept up in an incredible adventure to save a beautiful girl from an evil army of insect-like creatures, discovering in the process that they all have hidden strengths in this dimension.

The girl saved is princess Ruhn of Roshtaria, whom they rescue from evil Queen Deeva's army of monstrous Insectrons... Back at the princess' Castle Mako's hand touches the magical Seal of the King... and lo and behold the Seal emits a beautiful melody... the ancient sign that can be activated by the true successor of royal Crown! Meanwhile, Jimbo has aligned himself with evil Queen Deeva... and his first assignment is to destroy Mako and all his friends!

Thus begins the exciting and romantic adventures of THE WANDERERS, strangers in a land far stranger than any one they could have ever imagined! Can they defeat the insane and obsessed Jimbo and his army of Insectrons? Will their love grow? Do they know that without their help the beautiful princess and all her people will be forever doomed to a world of darkness and despair?

Format: 26 episodes X 25 minutes


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