Action Adventure
Original Japanese Title: Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Utena lost her parents when she was six years old. While in despair, a mysterious boy with a scent of roses appeared and saved her life. The boy left her with a ring on which appeared a rose relief and the words, "If you keep your noble spirit, we"ll meet again". It"s been 7 years since then... Utena has grown up to be an honest girl, believing his word. She"s come to Otori Junior High School, led by the ring the boy gave her.

In a conference room with fashionable stained glass of roses and crests, the members of a student committee are sitting around a table. Everyone of them is an outstanding student at Otori High School, with high grade and attractive personalities. They wear a ring with the "Rose Crest" on their ring fingers. They receive a letter from a mysterious organization called "The Seekers of Armageddon". This letter states, "If you desire the power to revolutionize the world, the Power of Dios, you must defeat all challengers and be a sole protector of Angie, the "Rose Bride". Although all the members are friends, once they decide to accept this letter, they are also competitors --- Thus, the story of The Duelists begins. In the growing tension and hostility among the duelists, the mystery and intrigue of "The Seekers of Armageddon" will be revealed.

Characters (Japanese Name)
Utena (Utena Tenjo):
A beautiful 14 year old female, a junior at Otori Junior High School. Born on Dec. 29 as a Capricorn. Blood type, B. 5"3" tall. Weight - 100 pounds. Her hobbies are sports, wearing male attire, and collecting tea cups with rose relieves. She is a spirited girl with a strong sense of justice. When she was 6, she lost her parents and was in shock. Shortly after, a mysterious boy appeared and gave her a ring with the "Crest of the Rose". Possession of this ring qualifies its holder as a member of "The Duelist." She"s been longing to see this boy again and she comes to Otori High School looking for clues about him. She fights a duel with the vice president of the student committee, Kevin Simon at the "Forest of Duels". As a result, she becomes the "Owner" of Angie, the "Rose Bride." As a result, Utena gets entangled in battles which will determine the fate of the world.
Angie (Ansi Himemiya):
A 14 year old junior at Otori Junior High School. Born on February 29 as a Pisces. Blood type, AB. 5"1" tall. Weighs 90 pounds. She is introverted in many ways and doesn"t have any friends. Her identity is a mystery and seems to be connected to "The SEEKERS OF ARMAGEDDON". All the "Duelists" call her, "Rose Bride" and are destined to fight for her possession. After Episode #2, she begins to live with Ursula, who defeated Kevin Simon in a duel. She is somehow "unreal" and it"s not unusual for her to act indifferent.
Tommy (Touga Kiryu):
A 17 year old High School junior. He"s the president of the student committee at the School. He"s one of the "Duelists" who fights to possess "Rose Bride." He"s cool and smart and a good-looking playboy with a dangerous aura. His behavior and its purpose are often mysterious. He is intrigued by Utena and her dueling skills.
Julie (Juri Arisugawa):
A 16 year old High School junior. She"s a member of the student committee and also the captain of the fencing club. Her graceful carriage, dignified speech and action, and disciplined lifestyle make her a "heroine" to the female students at the school. She"s one of the "Duelists" despite of her sex, and she"s trying to possess "Rose Bride." She secretly longs for Tommy. She"s often in dispute with uninhibited Ursula.
Mickey (Miki Kaoru):
A 13 year old Junior High School freshman. A member of the committee and also a "Duelist." He"s a genius which enables him to take college classes as a freshman at junior High School. His piano and fencing skills are also ranked as one of the best in the country. He"s popular among the females in upper-grader. Mickey falls in love Angie as he is struck by "a spark" when he sees her. He"s a quiet boy because of his good upbringing and gentle nature. The power of the "Crest of the Rose" forces him to fight a duel with Utena.
Nana (Nanami Kiryu):
A 13 year old Junior High School freshman. Tommy"s younger sister. Although she has a "Crest of the Rose," she"s not a "Duelist" at her will. Since she adores her brother, she antagonizes Ursula and Angie, who are Tommy"s interests. She"s always accompanied with her followers who take care of her in her personal "dirty work."
Kevin Simon (Kyoichi Saionji):
A High School junior. The vice president of the student committee and the captain of the Kendo club. He"s a "Duelist" and also the rival of Tommy. He"s so ambitious and he will do anything to get what he wants. He"s a self- confident person, has high pride, and loses his temper easily. He used to be the "Owner" of Angie, but was defeated by Utena and lost the "Rose Bride." He is still in love with Angie, not as a "Duelist," but as a person.
Wanda (Wakaba Shinohara):
A 14 year old Junior High School junior and Ursula"s classmate. Cheerful but a little too emotional. She jumps at anything that she thinks is beautiful and adores it with extreme excitement. Utena ends up fighting a duel with Kevin Simon because of a love letter Wanda sent to him.
Chris (Korue Kaoru):
The twin sister of Mickey but with totally different personality. She is an easy-going girl who enjoys life to the fullest extent. Never serious about anything and pushes worry aside indifferently.
Dios (Dios):
A mysterious boy. They say, he had the "Power to Revolutionize the World" in another land. He seems to be the boy Utena met when she was a little girl. His current status is unknown. He appears at a duel and gives Utena the strength to defeat the opponent.
Tory (Goki Otori):
The dean of the school who watches over Utena and Angie in the background. Is his true identify "The Seeker of the Armageddon" ?
Chuchu (Chuchu):
Angie"s pet. (Let"s forget what animal it is!) Chuchu detects anything wrong or dangerous with its sharp senses and warns Angie. Gentle and tender to her friends.
Other Characters
Kate (Kanae Otori):
3rd grader of High school. Daughter of Goki Tory, the dean of school. She has engaged with Mike and they will get married when they graduate the school.
Mike (Akio Otori):
Brother of Angie the Rose Bride. He is friendly and easy-going with others. He like to wear black
Sally (Shiori Takatsuki):
First grade of high school. Julie"s friend in childhood days. She took Julie"s boy friend when they were in Junior-high school. Her real personality is moderate and decent type.
Mitch (Mitsuru Tsuwabuki):
A boy of Fourth grade of primary school. He adores Nana and serves her as an errand boy.
Kate (Keiko Sonoda):
First grader of Junior-High. One of Nana"s three followers.
Sonny (Soji Mikage):
4th grader of high school. He has genius brain and charismatic personality. He plans to get rid of Angie and give the privilege of Rose Bride to Miles.
Miles (Mamiya Chida):
Mysterious and breath-takingly handsome. He sends duelist to Utena to take over the position of Rose Bride.
Silver Mask:
A member of the "The Seekers of Armageddon." No one knows his/her true identity.
The leader of the troop sent by "The Seekers of Armageddon."
Lady June:
The evil princess commanding the troop. Cool and merciless.
Keywords of the Series
Otori High School:
It"s where the story takes place. The characters attend it and it requires all the students to live in the dorms. It has Junior High and High Schools, and has a long school history. It"s located in an isolated area and has a vast lot. It has a wide variety of facilities such as a planetarium and a real green house.
Student Committee:
A group of the elite at Otori High School. Tommy is the president. They are given privileges at school and there are numerous facilities solely for their use. They all possess the "Crest of the Roses" and are "Duelists", destined to fight a duel for the "Rose Bride." They challenge Utena because she came from the outside and won the "Rose Bride."
Crest of the Rose:
A ring with a rose relief. It"s given to all the "Duelists" by the "Seekers of the Armageddon." It"s the sigh of qualification to participate in a duel, and also the key to open the door to the "Forest of Duels."
Rose Bride:
It"s the name, "Duelists" call Angie at a duel. A "Duelist" can be "engaged" to her by winning a duel. The winner of a duel can get a magical power, the "Power to Revolutionize the World" by possessing the"Rose Bride." The possessor of the "Rose Bride" takes the "Sword of Dios" out of her body at a duel. Angie herself agrees to be treated as the prize of a duel, obeying the rule unconditionally. The reason why she"s understanding of her status is gradually revealed in the Series.
The Seekers of Armageddon:
A world in another dimension. It has something to do with the "Power to Revolutionize the World," which can be gained in a duel. The fact is, it manipulates the student committee and it sends Angie and others to school. It"s also deeply tied to Dios and Tory.
The Forest of Duels:
It"s located in back of the High School. It"s a divine coliseum where only the holders of a "Crest of the Rose" are allowed to enter. It"s a huge castle, floating in the air like a mirage. It descends every time a duel takes place. The castle has a strong tie to the "Seekers of Armageddon".
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 39 Episodes X 30 Minutes


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