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Tomato-Man and the Knights of the Salad Table is an animated adventure series that will delight young children around the world. The Kingdom of Salad is a beautiful dreamland where vegetables, fruits and insects try, many times unsuccessfully, to live together in peace and harmony.

When the wicked Bug-bug gang casts an evil sleep-spell on the beautiful Princess Peach, King Boo-Melon sends for "The Withered Plum," an old hermit believed to have magical powers, to awaken the princess from her deep, eternal sleep.

To help protect the king "The Withered Plum" uses his magical powers to create a group of mighty warriors from ordinary fruits and vegetables, the Knights of the Salad Table. Tomato Man, our hero, was the last of the knights to be created by "The Withered Plum."

Tomato-Man (Tom):
A shy young tomato, he's transformed into a mighty knight. Not the brightest of boys, luck is usually on his side.
A studious, melancholy young man. Though he was turned into a knight, he would rather read poetry than fight battles.
Mama Letus:
A master chef, she's the knight in charge of keeping the rest of the knights well nourished and well fed.
Rocky Potato:
A proud but stubborn young man. A woodsman by trade, even though he refuses to learn to climb a tree.
Carrot Ninja:
A descendant of a warrior family. A mailman in regular life, he has a quick temper.
A tender and sentimental young girl. She tends to cry easily.
Dr. Napple:
Formerly a university professor, an inventor who creates strange machines that bewilder the other knights.
Bella Peeper:
A kindergarten teacher, she compels the other knights to line up every morning as if they were still children.
Sweety Lemon:
A young, bright and cheerful little girl.
Patt, Pitt, Putt and Pott:
These pea quadruplets travel together in a pea-pod boat. Together they comprise on knight.
Kinf Boo-Melon:
The jolly, good-natured ruler of the Salad Kingdom.
Princess Peach:
The kind beautiful daughter of King Boo-Melon, beloved by the entire kingdom. Tomato-Man is her special favorite.
The Withered Plum:
The wizard who created the Knights of the Salad Table. He travels on a flying leaf.
Queen Badfly:
A vain and selfish butterfly, she believes that she is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.
Badfly's gluttonous, cowardly bodyguard.
Lord Mantis:
Queen Badfly's greedy and treacherous butler. His ambition is to destroy the Kingdom of Salad.

Format: 50 half-hour episods
Produced by: GAKKEN & ANIMATION 21


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