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"SuperGALS!" is a hilarious and touching tale of teenage girls living in a big city.

Shibuya is a 'trendy' and busy district in downtown Tokyo. It is a popular gathering spot for teenagers. Many cute girls called "Ko-Gals" (Adorable little teenage girls) meet here to chat, plan a shopping spree, watch the boys and just spend time together after school.

The most talked-about and respected group of girls are known as "The Super Gals." Its leader is Ran, the daughter of a policeman, who is darling and also daring. She is extremely charismatic and it is easy for her to bring several teenage girls together under her leadership. She is always high-spirited and physically strong, too. Each of the 'gals' in the group has their own distinctive personality and outstanding charms. They are often rivals for the attention of a handsome boy, but if anyone in the group is in trouble, they all rally to her aid.

Our pretty gals are flourishing youths full of dreams of excitement and handsome boyfriends. However, as is true in real life, unexpected mishaps and embarrassing incidents often disturb their romantic imaginations.

Life in downtown Shibuya is never boring. Not a day goes by without some kind of excitement. There are always stories to tell as the Gals chat about fashion, boyfriends, quarrels, campus life, movies and so on. How thrilling to discover new friends, nice-looking boys, first loves, bargain sales etc. The Super Gals are rich in life's most precious possessions - kindness, friendship, love and trust.

This new series is based on the very popular serial comic books of the same title "Super Gals!" All the adorable characters and exhilarating stories come alive on the screen.

A first year student at high school. Her parents and her brother are policemen. Even her sister wishes to follow her family's choice of profession. But Ran has no desire to be a policewoman. She just wants to have fun everyday. Ran is one of the most talked-about, popular 'gal' in Shibuya, one of the most trendy districts of downtown Tokyo. She is always honest and straightforward. She detests lying and deception. She is considerate and thoughtful of her friends. When anyone is in trouble, Ran will stop everything to help out. When she is really upset, she shows tremendous courage. Ran is enjoying the 'trendy' life of downtown day to day.
Miyu is Ran's classmate and her long time friend since their middle school days. She is a cheerful and boisterous gal. She was a little unsettled during her middle school days, but recovered herself thanks to the help of Ran's brother, Yamato. Miyu is now in love with Yamato.
Ran's classmate. Aya is a very honest gal with excellent grades at school. However, the pressure to pretend to be a 'good girl' drives her to foolish and desperate behavior. Ran extends her friendship to Aya, leading her away from the misdeeds her former actions caused.
A first year student. Rei is a good-looking boy who won 'The High School Grand-Prix for the Most Handsome Student.' He is an idle among the high school girls. A teenage magazine says "He has a refreshing smile and He is profoundly gentle to Gals." But, in actually, he is a rather cool and down-to-earth kind of guy.
Also a first year student. As Yuhya was 2nd at the Grand-Prix he is called "The 2nd" by the Gals. He likes Ran but is a bit too shy to tell her how he feels about her.
A trendy Gal from downtown Ikebukuro. She wants to take over Ran's territory and challenges her whenever she has a chance. Mami has two faces - one as the leading Gal of a group in Ikebukuro and the other is a nice and sweet lady at home. She is raised up to be a refined and amiable young girl at the rich family.
Mami's close friend. Harue assits Mami to control other downtown called Ikebukuro. She has a grudge on Miyu and plans to revenge as she thinks her boy friend leaves her because of her.
Ran's sister. Unlike her sister, she wishes to be a policewoman. Her personality is similar to Ran's - tough and aggressive.
An enthusiastic fan of Tsubasa and the leader of the cheering party at their primary school. She loves Tsubasa and keeps supporting him all through Middle School and Jr. College. Later she marries Tsubasa and they have two children.
Ran's boyfriend. A bright and openhearted guy. His friends call him "Tatsukichi."
Ran's brother and a policeman. Yamato is working at the police station in Shibuya where Ran and her friends meet everyday. He seriously worries about Ran's after school adventures as if often means trouble for him.
The teacher of Ran's class. Slightly simple-minded but honestteacher who is devoting his entire year desperately to shape up Ran into a good student.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 52 episodes X 1/2H
Story: Mihona Fujii
Original Design: Mihona Fujii
Scripts: Masashi Kubota
Character Design: Yuhko Kusomoto and Hiroto Tanaka
Director: Kazuyoshi Yokota
Produced by: TV Tokyo & Studio Pierrot


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