Action Adventure

The series begins with the evil Imperial Alliance's impressive spaceship destroying an Earth spaceship as it enters the solar system. In an attempt to counter this attack, Earth launches an experimental spaceship, the X Bomber. It is the last hope of all mankinds.
The series follows the adventures of the X Bomber and its young crew as they engage the
Imperial Alliance while trying to uncover the secret of a powerful being known as the 'F Zero One' (F-01). Along the way they meet the mysterious space sailing ship The Skull which holds the key to unlocking the secret of F-01, and in the final episodes The Skull and X Bomber race back to Earth to face the Imperial Master who is on the verge of destroying the planet.

Briefly, the X Bomber was manned by Dr Benn, Shiro Hagen, Barry Hercules, John Lee, Lamia, a robot called PPA and Lamia's furry bodyguard Kirara. Dr Benn is in charge, and, surprisingly, was killed off late on in the series. Shiro, Barry and John (also known as Fatty!) are cadets assigned to help Dr Benn. Lamia came on board from Moonbase as a communications specialist but is actually central to the plot because she is the F-01! Up against the X Bomber crew was Commander Makara of the evil Imperial Alliance with her second in command Captain Orion. The Imperial Alliance officers were striking to look at as they were cyborgs, and had symbiotic eye patches that sometimes spoke for them, particularly when the Imperial Master appeared as a hologram. The Imperial Master was seen only briefly for most of the series, but then took matters into his own hands in the final episodes and appeared more often as he made his final assault on the Earth. Other characters included Captain Carter, an Earth officer captured, interrogated and turned into a cyborg by the Imperial Alliance. He helps the Imperial Alliance fight the X Bomber and is finally killed in a duel to the death with Shiro Hagen having regained his humanity. Also around from time to time were Captain Halley of The Skull and Caliban, the Imperial Alliance's silver skinned inventor
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 24 episodes X half-hour approx.


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