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Paradise Raiders

A place called Paradise. It is the origin of civilization and faith. It is a peaceful garden where humans and monstrous creatures have coexisted in peaceful harmony throughout all time. Suddenly, the monsters become violent and begin to attack the humans.

This vicious change is the result of an experiment to revive the great monster, Gyumao (Bull Satan). Bull Satan has been confined for five hundred years. By mixing science and sorcery, someone started the forbidden experiment that brings this monster back to this world. Bull Satan's revival is imminent. His negative power begins to spread throughout Paradise. The monsters and beasts become wild and the entire world suffers pending disaster.

The resurrection of Gyumao/Bull Satan must be stopped. An apostle of the Celestial Heavens, Sanzo, is summoned to take on the mission of restoring peace and order in Paradise. Sanzo recruits his old comrades, Son Goku, Sha Gojyo Jo and Cho Hackai. The foursome has shared much joy and sorrow and together they have faced many challenging missions. Thus, the outrageous young warriors set out for a journey toward "Indara", a country in the distant west where Bull Satan is close to re-awakening.

It will be a journey filled with danger and difficulties. Hideous monsters and evil sorcerers await our heroes in the narrow trek of jagged mountains, behind the sand of barren lands and in the misty and eerie swamps. In order to save Paradise from destruction, they have to emerge victoriously through all obstacles and ultimately prevent the revival of Bull Satan.

Son Goku:
He is born from a rock emerging from the earth, glowing with a full aura. His major preoccupation is 'eating' and 'fooling around.' He never thinks of anything else seriously. Goku was imprisoned in a stone jail for 500 years without getting old because of a mistake he made when he was young. He is agile and tenacious in battle, using his elastic pole skillfully. Age 16. Goku is an impersonate creature. He looks like a perfect boy, but he actually is a kin to monsters and evil spirits.
Sanzo : (Missionary of the Celestial Heavens):
Sanzo is a typical depraved priest. He never hesitates to exercise anything prohibited to the priesthood. Yet, he has a great sense of leadership and a cool and thoughtful mind. He is looking for a keepsake of his foster father, Sanzo Senior, who lost his life in a great battle with the monsters. Sanzo is the only human among our four heroes. He wants to find the lost memories of the former Master Sanzo, who looked after him in the past and was killed by a demon. He possesses the Sutra of Dark Power to protect himself from the enemies of the world of darkness.
Sha Gojyo:
Sha Gojyo is an extreme feminist - always too nice and sweet to girls. Although he looks rather sloppy and loose like a jerk, he is actually a reliable guy who cares for his friends. Age 22. Sha Gojyo is an impersonate creature like Goku. He uses a stick with chains attached to it.
Cho Hakkai:
He is a gentle and soft-looking guy. Nobody knows whether he was born a "nerd" or whether he pretends to be one. It seems he has a secret past that he never reveals to anyone. He uses the martial art, "Power of the Spirit" when he is engaged in battle. He hammers his opponent with the spurring power of his condensed spirit. Hakkai is also an impersonate creature.
Other Characters
Son of Bull Satan-Gyumao and his wife Rasetsu. Although he is a creature of evil spirits, he tends to live and fight like a man of honor. He is devoted to the mission to destroy our hero warriors not only for his soon-to-be awakened father but also his own pride.
A young attractive girl. She is one of the loyal followers of Kogaiji While selling medicines, she was kidnapped and offered as a concubine to The Demon King of 100 Eyes. A young guy named Kogaiji rescued her from the misery.
A loyal follower of Kogaiji. He was recruited by Kogaiji when he drifted into Castle Houto. He is Kogaiji's most reliable bodyguard/ assassin.
Kogaiji's younger sister. She is the daughter of Gyumao-Bull Satan and Gyokumen Koshu. A real tomboy. Lilin likes Goku's pure fighting spirits.
A dubious fortune-teller manipulating Mahjong pies. He astonishes our heroes by guessing Hakkai's past correctly.
Rikudo (Shukett):
An ex-fellow priest of Sanzo. He is possessed by tarot cards and intends to destroy our heroes.
KanZenon Bosatsu - Goddess of Mercy. One of the five Gods of the Celestial Heaven.
Trinity Gods:
Threesome of Gods.
One of the mighty Gods in the Celestial Heavens who captured Gyumao-Bull Satan.
Bull Satan Gyamao:
The super demon who was destroyed and buried in Tenjiku - Indara by Nataku Taishi some five hundred years ago.
Bull Satan-Gyumao's wife.
Gyokumen Koshu. The concubine of Gyumao-Bull Satan. She is an evil sorceress charmed by the strength of Bull Satan and possessed by his evil power.
Characters appearing after #27:
Prince Homura:
He was born between the humans and the warriors of the Celestial heavens. Although he succeeded Nataku Taishi who destroyed Gyumao-Bull Satan 500 years ago, he is fed up with utter tranquility and lazy life in the Celestial Heavens. He had some relationship with Sanzo and his comrades. He calls them in the names of a previous existence. He is eager to get Sanzo's Sutra of Dark Power. However, his true ambition is not yet revealed. His weapon is a long sword possessing tremendous power. He can wipe out a troop of monsters at one swing. He uses the Power of Spirit like Cho Hakkai.
Zenon comes down with Prince Homura only because he dislikes the evil monsters and spirits. His revolving 'Demon Blaster' destroys dozen of monsters. His right eye is covered by the patch.
He comes down with Prince Homura for exciting adventures. He never harms anyone unless he has to defend himself. However, once getting in a battle, he is fierce, slaying the opponent with his twin 'Light Whips.'
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 50 episodes X 25 minutes approx
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure Produced By: TV TOKYO/ STUDIO PIERROT


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