Action Adventure
The Romance of Three Kingdoms - PART3

Great Conquest is a breathtaking animated adventure that will thrill audiences of all ages in a way no other animated film in history has been able to do. The Panoramic setting, the universal messages, and the power and beauty of our hereos and heroines will captivate every heart it touches.

Great Conquest is the true story of the turbulent times and almost super-human deeds of our heroes in the 2nd and 3rd century China. The mysteries of the Far East fall away as you take part in the glorious struggle of an oppressed people fighting unimaginable odds in their valiant battle for the unity of their country.

Filled with exciting adventures, the larger-than-life heroes emerge from teh pages of both myth and history. Their ambitions and struggles, their beliefs and honor are tested to the limits in each and every frame.

The Honor, the Glory, the Fight for Justice... one cannot help but compare Great Conquest to the epic legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

169 A.D. - CHINA: Great Conquest is the story of the making of a people and the forging of a nation. It is filled with the hopes, fears and, most importantly, the dreams of all people.

The nation was divided. Plagues, famines, floods, and drought ravaged the land, casting the dark shadow of despair over its people. Its political leaders were weak and corrupt, and justice was served on teh point of a sword! Hundreds of thousands of peasants and farmers, with nothing left to lose, rose up and rebelled. They called themselves the Yellow Turbans. But soon even the Yellow Turbans became nothing more than marauding bandits.

From the flames of chaos there arose a leader, Liu Pei, distantly related to the leaders of teh crumbling Han Dynasty. With two other mighty warriors, Kuan Yu and Chang Fei, Liu Pei took a solemn blood vow... a vow to reunite their nation, to end the suffering of its people, and to restore justice to the land!

With the help of hundreds of thousands of people, many of them starving peasants who had pledged their lives and their support to his cause, Liu Pei was able to defeat the dreaded Yellow Turbans once and for all.

Out of the anarchy sprang many other would-be-leaders. Tung Cho establihed himself as Dictator of China, instituting a reign of military anarchy. His rule was so cruel and oppressive that one of his military leaders, Ts'ao Ts'ao, attempted to assassinate him. Ts'ao Ts'ao escaped with the help of Ch'en Kung, a man of principles and loft ideals. Unfortunately Ts'ao Ts'ao proved to be a ruthless man with an eye toward personal glory.

Many others rose to prominence during these turbulent times. Among them was Lu Pu, a mighty warrior who betrayed every master and friend who ever sought his aid and is known today as the Benedict Arnold of China. Tiao Chan, a women of extraordinary beauty and even greater courage, sacrificed her life in the struggle towards unity.

Many battles were yet to be fought, many alliances still to be struck. It would take a lifetime to see their dream realized but Liu Pei, Kuan Yu, Chang Fei, and many others were daunted by the enormity of what lay before them. Their heroic deeds are the stuff legends are made of!

138 Minutes
Produced By: Yusuke Okada/ Takamasa Yoshinari


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