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Fairyland... One thousand years ago. Five year old Prince Mackaroo, son of a nobleman, is bored with his life... there is just no excitement! His parents only want Mackaroo to study, study, study so he can become an 'intellectual aristocrat'. But Mackaroo wants to have some fun and adventures.

In the meantime, three mischievous scamps... Scarlett, Khakie and Blue-Joe, take the Great Demon King's power scepter without his permission. While playing in Prince Mackaroo's garden, they lose the scepter and Prince Mackaroo finds it! Whoever has possession of the scepter can time-warp to any time in the past or future! Excited, Prince Mackaroo jumps into the distant future to our present world, tailed by the three scamps who need to get the scepter back to the Great Demon King.

Upon landing in the present day, Prince Mackaroo meets Cozmo, a boy 7 years of age. They become very good friends and Cozmo's parents invite Prince Mackaroo to live with them. Prince Mackaroo gets his chance to experience a life full of mishaps, confusion, fun and adventures in the present world.

Prince Mackaroo:
Though only five years old, he is an impeccable dresser and has a unique way of speaking. Born to a noble family in Fairyland, he is both spoiled and whimsical. He is an avid collector of 'Things' and he puts what he finds into his four-dimensional cap. He also has a 'Mallat of luck'... When he strikes his head with it, he can make himself shrink or make himself very large.
The only child of Maskoto and Amy. At age 7, he is a very good athlete and he loves to play soccer. He meets Prince Mackaroo in the park. They become very good friends, like brothers, even though Mackaroo's antics get Cozmo into trouble.
The Scamps:
Scarlett, Khakie and Blue-Joe
They chase after Prince Mackaroo to get back the Great Demon King's scepter because they cannot go home without it. When they attack, the three small kids become one to form one big figure. They sing beautifully in perfect unison.
One of three scamps, she is a fast talking tomboy. Though short tempered, Scarlet turns into a sweet girl when she's with blue Joe, as she is very fond of him. Her weapon is a fork.
Second member of the trio of Rascals. He is a cry-baby and uses a spoon as his weapon.
Third member of the trio and the leader of the group. He looks like a "Tough" guy, but he is actually a soft-hearted boy. He is troubled because he likes a human girl, Kammy.
Cozmo's seventy year old grandfather. An historian, he loves to study old folk tales and fairy tales. He is very interested in Prince Mackaroo's time warp scepter!
Tommy's seventy-three year old friend. A fashionable dresser from an old noble family, she frequently enjoys tea with Tommy.
Lord Uppland:
Prince Mackaroo's father.
Lady Uppland:
Prince Mackaroo's mother.
A messenger. He delivers messages and reports between Fairyland in 10th century and the present time.
Princess Camelia:
Five years old. She is Prince Mackaroo's fiancee because of an arrangement between their parents. She likes the prince and sends many love letters to him. Camelia is a beautiful girl judging only by the out-dated standards of the 10th century.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 1,420 x 10 minutes plus 3 specials.
Produced By: NHK & NEP


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