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Nyanko on the Star Island

Enoki Films presents a brand-new CG animation series entitled “Nyanko on the Star Island”

New lovely heroes skip into an exciting world of adventure!
“Nyanko on the Star Island,” one of the most popular on-line and mobile games hops up on the TV screen in the world.

Based on the characters and story of this brand on-line game, a full CG animation series of 26 episodes X 15 minutes will be ingeniously developed and produced.

“Nyanko” is the name of imaginary creatures. They are cheerful and a bit mischievous.
Their dream is to build up an Eutopia on a mysterious island called the Star Island.
With this high hope in their hearts, our heroes make their way through the rough seas.
On the destination island, they plow, cultivate, seed, irrigate and grow wonderful grains, vegetable and fruit to build up their own Eutopia.

Construction of houses, roads and bridges are hard part of their task. Yet, they will get over any obstacles as they know the importance of working together and helping each other.

“Nyanko on the Star Island” is a wonderful and heartwarming story for children and the whole family.

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Hopi, Toto and Mao, three good friends, are looking for the legendary island called “The Star Island” in the unknown sea. They want to pioneer new farm land there. This island will be their Eutopia.
After struggling over the roaring sea, threesome, Hopi, Toto and Mao, landed the Star Island. They begin to cultivate the land quickly. However, they will encounter unexpected troubles. Will they be able to make a dream town successfully…?

Upon landing the island, three Nyankos starts exploring the island for water and food. They are washed away in the torrent and dragged on the runaway lorry. They narrowly survived from exhaustion and hunger when find the breadfruit tree and the tree of sausage.
Threesome starts plowing the land. Then they pant vegetables and sow grains. Suddenly Grandon the big boss of this island and the Moppies his mole minions pop up to destroy the farm field. But our heroes overcome such interference and continue cultivation.

Hopi and two buddies keep plowing while they are enjoying skip and dance. They cook the meal under the blue sky and savor the tasty food.
Soon threesome, Hopi, Toto and Mao, realize that they need more helping hands. Reedley the migratory bird flies away to talk to Cortes the merchant Nyanko for support. Before long, numerous colorful balloons carry Nyankos to the island.

Nyanko helpers are divided into groups of field works, cooking etc. Threesome opens the welcome part to treat them.
Couple of shops are built and the bread is on sale one of them. Many ‘shopping’ Nyankos come up for delicious bread. Hopi, Toto and Mao invite the Nyanko helpers to bake as much bread as possible. It is a great fun for them.
Grandon the boss mole, does not like the Nyankos enjoying the life on the island. He orders his minions, Moppies, to carry out the Nyanko-harassing plans.
On the beach, Big Mama, the mother of Kaneezes enjoys strolling on the sand with her children. Grandon gives Big Mama a spiteful suggestion to chase away the outsiders.

Now, the comical tag-of-wars with hilarious actions just begin…!!!

10 years old. Cheerful and cracking. He’s the song of the king of the continent. Naturally-born leader. He’s a lamp of curiosity to challenge anything new. He feels he was not coping up well with his father, though.
10 years old. A bookworm and a grind. Knowledgeable and inquisitive. He likes to take care of plans and animals. A counselor type of guy who puts up a suggestion for a problem.
9 years old. Slightly chubby and easygoing. He is good at cooking because he has a healthy appetite always. Sharp nose on good food especially delicious smell. Watch out, guys! When screwed, he is stubborn and troublesome!
14 years old. Am migratory bird who threesome meet on the way to the Star Island. He meddles them like he is a ‘big brother’ of toddlers. A kind of clown and a very talkative guy. Although he makes blunders and mistakes sometimes, he has a good heart to take care of our heroes always. He even rushes far away from the island just to bring the rescue team for them
10 years old. The big boss of mole clan who inhabits for a long time on the island. Grandon and his minions called “Moppy” dig underground tunnels everywhere. They have been enjoying carefree life but one day Three some “Nyanko” and Reedley land to cultivate the land. Grandon is upset tremendously as Nyanko’s activities jeopardized his peaceful life. He and the Moppy-minions scheme all the kind of tricks to interfere Nyanko’s work.
8 years old. The minions of Grandon. There are so many Moppy on the island. Under the strict order of their boss; Grandon, Moppies pop up everywhere to Nyanko’s exploitation. They have good respect their big boss actually. (They don’t speak. Though.)
Big Mama:
33 years old. The mother crab taking countless children along with her. The Star Island is the home of them. She strolls on the seaside front with the long trail of children behind.
Big Mama’s children. They tag along with Big Mama. Some of them are curious about many things and jump off the beach. Then, Big Mama flurries after them. (They don’t speak.)
Mr. Hal:
30 years old. The carpenter. Momo’s father. A stone-headed obstinate person. He has a bitter tongue, but, is gentle at heart. He cares about his daughter greatly. He is proud of his work and never stops a job until he satisfies the end result.
10 years old. Mr. Hal’s daughter. She is the childhood friend of Hop, Toto and Mao. She comes with her father to the island to help our hero’s exploitation. Very sweet-tempered. Everybody likes her. Her dream is to build a bridge.
18 years old. A traveling salesman. He has a gif of gab in selling anything to anybody. He has a good item sometimes. A sly but excellent seller. His weakness is his sister, Sakura.
9 years old. The childhood friend of threesome. Sakura spits out anything what she thinks. So, she has a sharp and strong tongue. Actually, she is honest and help others always. So, nobody ever pushes her back.
60 years old. Hopi’s father, Drasky. He was the baby-sitter when Hopi was small. Drasky askes Butler to go to the Star Island for taking care of Hopi.
40 years old. Father of Hopi. A tall and rich person. He is the king of Nyanko Kingdom on the continent. He looks angry against Hopi but it’s the disguise of his true feeling for the son. He cares about Hopi so much with sweet heart just like he has a sweet tooth on cakes and snoozes.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 26 episodes X 15 minutes
Genre: 100% CG animation
Transmission: Scheduled to start on October 6, 2018 on TOKYO MX, in Japan.
Weekly airing: Saturday 7:55 ~ 8:10
Distributed by: ENOKI FILMS CO., LTD.


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