Action Adventure
In the year 2000, female wrestling is the hottest sport to hit the scene!!

The year is 2000 and with the new century comes a new fad -- female wrestling is the hottest sport to hit the scene!!

Clad in their flexible metal suits, the girls are young, gorgeous and competitive players.

The sport is monopolized by the SWWP, a giant and well financed organization with a powerful and successful team. Emerging on the circuit is the TWP, a team consisting of four beautiful models with a manager who has a keen eye on the lucrative game.

The SWWP recognizes the potential threat to their stardom and quickly challenges the TWP team to a competition -- an all Japan championship tournament -- organized under the rules of SWWP!!

The girls of the TWP feel uncertain of their ability, thinking it might be wise to decline the challenge. Before the TWP can make their announcement, the lead team of the SWWP, TEAM SAPPHIRE, raids the training facility and rages an attack on the members of TWP.

Now enraged, the TWP players set caution aside and vow to avenge in the ring!!

25 minutes X 13 episodes
Produced by: TV TOKYO/JVC

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