Mask Battlers (Tentative Title)

“Mask Battlers” is a new fantasy adventure of young heroes, Daigo and his friends, who jump into the ancient Kingdoms in the underworld through the 5th dimensional worm hole and confront with the ultimate enemy Demon Lord Tescapoliteca and Serviente the army of monsters.
Our heroes are masked Ninja battlers. They wear the Nawal Mask possessing superior power. They engage in hard battles with the enemies, They have to fight for survival until they demolish the evil ambition of Demon Lord.

Daigo and her sister Solana goes to Mexico in search of thier father, Dr. Zen who was kidnapped by the unknown group when he was invited for the international science conference in Mexico City. Dr. Zen is internationally famed for his study of new energy source. When Daigo meets Micotes, the great champion wrestler with the gold mask, he is told Dr. Zen might be in the underground kingdoms. Daigo, Solana and their Ramon follow Micotes through the ‘ inter-dimensional worm hole’ to the underworld. They encounter the strange world out of their imagination there.

The underworld is consisted of 12 Kingdoms descending from the ancient civilizations. Under the leadership of Kingdom of Esterica, they form the Esterica federation of Emirates.

Wrestling of masked wrestlers (Lucha Libre) is the sacred national sport coming down the long history in the kingdoms of underworld. The champions of each Kingdom are awarded with the “Nawal Mask” and entrust the holy mission to protect the nation. The holders of “Nawal Mask” can transform themselves into anything with the power of sacred spirits.

Daigo, Solana and Ramon continue to travel in the underworld. They determine to win all the wrestling fights in order to amass the “Nawal Mask” so that they will be able to destroy Demon Lord Tescapoliteca.

While traveling around the underworld kingdoms, Daigo soon finds that His father Dr. Zen is snatched down to Kingdom of Esterica first. Dr. Zen is asked to invent new weapons to battle against the evil army of Serviente. Then, he is kidnapped to the monster land Serviente by the flying monsters. Dr. Zen is forced to make bio-armor for the monsters.

The battles of our heroes continue until they defeat all the monsters and confiscate Demon Lord Tescapoliteca in the sultry jail of boiling magma.


There are 12 kingdoms in the deep underground world. Each of them is located just under the ancient civilizations known to us on the earth such as Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Inca, Aztec, China/Yellow River etc.
The land is surrounded by the vast ocean. In the high lands and rocky towers, many man-made waterfalls make beautiful scenery. The cosmic energy called Brilliant Power forms the ‘yellow sun’ which light blends with ‘Fintchitt’ emitted by the plant and produce a yellowish green atmosphere.

The inhabitants of the underworld look like the humans on the earth. Their skin is pale and blue-green. Perhaps they are vegetarians and are never exposed to the ultra-violet rays and other cosmic radiations.
The underground habitants possess the sharp senses and strong spiritual power. They have deep sympathy to the nature. They are slender and love the sports as they have good physical strength .

Kingdom of Esterica is located in the center of underworld and this kingdom is the leader of the federation of 12 kingdoms. All the cities of these kingdoms are amazingly identical to the ancient civilization s up on the earth

People travels on the small flying dinosaurs, by the warm jump of short distance and on the network of hanging cars like the monorail connecting the kingdoms in the labyrinth of tunnels. It is very rare for them to go up to the surface of earth. The visit of surface world is possible only through the worm hole formed up by the collision of hyper energy.

Nobody knows when it started but the people often witness and become victims of vicious attacks by the monsters and evil beasts. The monsters come out from the dark caves lit by the gloomy purple light. The monsters are 3 meters high and possess a pair of wings on their back. Demon Lord Tescapoliteca, the ruler of purple darkness, organizes Serviente, the army of evil monsters and is ready to invade the underworld kingdoms. He falls in love with a stunning beauty, Tripura, without knowing he is under the control of her hypnotic evil power.

First target of Demon Lord Tescapoliteca is Kingdom of Esterica. He schemes to take it over and then reins all other kingdoms. Tescapoliteca attacks Kingdom of Esterica with Serviente the monster army, incessantly and take the people to his territory. The prisoners are forced to work as the slaves.

For the retaliations against the incessant attacks of Demon Load Tescapoliteca and his monster army, 13 sacred warriors of Federation of Underground Kingdoms hold up in the “Cavern of Butterfly.” The sacred warriors are called the “mask battlers” as they wear the “Nawal Masks” giving them special power to battle. The powers and type of abilities of Nawal Mask vary depending on the person who wears it and on his own characteristic. Thanks to mysteriously divine force of Nawal Mask, Mask Battlers show the tremendous power against the enemies. However, the monster army Serviente is much stronger than expected, 13 brave warriors are gradually being pushed to the corner.

Micotes, one of the sacred warriors, get out of the chaotic Empire of Esterica to the surface of earth. He, then, becomes a superstar of Mexican Lucha Libre (Free Style Wrestling). Micotes wears the mask of golden lion, a sacred animal of Aztec. He is looking for the supporters of the cornered Kindom of Esterica secretly. Serviente the monster army finds it out and sends the groups of assassins to the earth.

One day, King Koatru of Esterica, orders Micotes to invite Doctor Zen (Zentaro Sarushima) to the underworld. Dr. Zen is the world famous authority of robot engineering. King Koatru wants him to produce the weapons for his allies to fight against the monster army.

Dr. Zen disappears in Mexico where he is attending the international conference of robot engineering. Dr. Zen is taken almost by force by Micotes to the underground world. There, he is interested in Nawal Mask and its mysterious force. After several failures, Dr. Zen succeeds to invent a prototype of head gear called “Nawal Machine” which makes the power of Nawal Mask. The person who wears it can fire the paralyzing beam of strengthened force of energy in the body at will.
But, before he added improvement to this invention, he is kidnapped by the monster army to Sivalbaa, the dark capital of the devilish empire of Oskron. And all the files and material are destroyed.

Daigo and Solana come to Mexico City to find their father, Dr. Zen, without knowing that spies and terrorists of the underground world are prowling around. They are welcomed by Ramon and his family. Next day, Daigo and Solana are invited to a big event of Lucha Libre (Free Style Wrestling) at Arena Mexico.
Daigo is impressed of the fantastic techniques of the super star, Micotes, in the main event. He wants to be a strong wrestler like the super star Micotes.. He calls his mother, Miyuki, for her permission to get into hard training under Mexico ‘s guidance while he is searching his father.. His mother, Miyuki is a descendent of one of the oldest Ninja clans in Japan and used to give Ninja training to her son and daughter for a long time. Miyuki hopes Daigo will be a good wrestler. She gives permission to him pleasantly.

Daigo goes to Micotes’ home with Ramon and his family. Together they apply to Micotes for taking them as his disciples. Daigo tells he and Ramon had Ninja lessons to Micotes whois listening to him with smiles. When Daigo says he is looking for his missing father, Micotes’ face changes for a moment. But, nobody notices it.
Micotes knows Dr. Zen is confined and forced to produce a new weapon for the battle against the monster army. He hesitates but does not tell anything about it.
Instead, Micotes accepts the request of Daigo and Ramon. He thinks if he makes two boys strong fighters, they will be good allies to Kingdom of Esterica.

Daigo and Ramon put everything in the hard training at Micotes’ training gym every day. Then, they are given a debut fight with Ultimo Satanic, the most notorious wrestler in Mexico. All the spectators of the arena are excited at new and young fighters and cheer for Daigo and Ramon. When cornered, Ultimo Satanico uses dirty tricks. Spectators are booing. Then, Satanico’s gang burst in the ring. The scuffles move out of the ring to the spectator’s rows. Solana is attacked by 2 Satanico’s wild wrestlers in the scuffles. But then, she ducks down in a moment and bounces back in the air. Zaaaap! Bang! Slaaash!
Solana beat them up with splendid Ninja techniques in a flash. The Satanico’s gang drop unconscious. Solana trained the legendary Ninja skills as good as Daigo did.
Kabooom! Daigo finishes Ultimo Satanico with brilliant high kick.
Fans applause young warriors and Daigo becomes a super hero called “Ninja Japon.”

One day Micotes invites Daigo, Ramon and Solana to the Pyramid of the Sun in the center of ancient capital Teotihuacán. When Micotes takes a turn toward the Pyramid, his car is trapped between two juggernauts. The gigantic trailer comes closer from behind and fires the beam to Micotes’ car. Faces of Serviente’s assassins glimpse in the light.
“They try to kill me,” Micotes shouts.
Then, the car is hit by a beam and turns over. It clashes to the stone fence of the Street of Death. Micotes is thrown out of the car. He is seriously injured. Daigo, Ramon and Solana move him up to the top of Pyramid. Before the assassins rush to them, police cars are approaching. The assassins are disappeared quickly.
Micotes squeezes his voice out of deep breath and says “There are a huge world and several kingdoms in the deep underground. You can go down there with the secret sword of Aztec. It amasses the energy in the sky and makes a worm hole.
This is the only way you earthlings go to the underworld. You might be able to find your father there. Here’s the Aztec sword…”
Without finishing his last word, Micotes’ body glitters and disappears.

Several days later, Daigo, Ramon and Solana came back to the top of Pyramid in the heavy rain. Diego takes out the Aztec sword and hold it high over his head. Suddenly, the lightning flashes and the strong wind pushes Daigo, Ramon and Solana holding Daigo’s body. Then, a huge lightning comes down toward three teens from the dark clouds. And with the roaring thunders, they disappear in the dazzling light.

The bodies of three teens turn into plasma in the gigantic plasmatic dimension. Their plasma passes down through the vortex like ghosts and turn back to the original form in the huge cavern connecting to the underground corridors.

Daigo, Ramon and Solana manage to walk through the labyrinth of tunnel and step out into the yellowish green world. They are in the Kingdom of Esterica.
Thus, our heroes set out to the breathtaking adventures in the mysterious underground world in search of Dr. Zen and to battle against the evil enemy of darkness…..

Background Setting
The ruin of ancient Aztec Civilization - Teotihuacan:
It is the stage of passage leading to the underground world. The swirling ‘warp’ (interdimensional) space is formed by the power of sacred sword. Anybody within the swirl is sucked in and is moved down to the landing spot in the underground. The warp space is a kind of spiral tube. The body turns into the mass of tiny particles but the consciousness is not totally lost. You can look around or feel as if you are looking around you while moving down with tremendous speed.
The cities of old civilizations:
In the vast underground world, there are all the ancient cities of Aztec, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus River, Etc. exist just like the very olden times. Total 12kingdoms co-exist peacefully for a long, long time.
Each kingdom is connected with the long tunnel in which people travel in the hanged monorail-type cars. Or, they ride on the dragon-like flying beasts in the short distance as the beasts cannot be in the air for hours.
The skin color of the inhabitants are slightly bluish-green because of their foods and also they are not exposed to the ultra violet and harmful cosmic rays. Most people are tall and slim as their main dietary is vegetables. Some of them are spiritual and have incisive senses. Others love athletic and love sports.
The structure of entire underground world is made up with very delicate balance of natural forces on the central magma. All the people understand tacitly that the excessive blast of power might destroy the entire underground world. Even the monsters and demons do not dare to use the highly explosive weapons. The danger of using destructive weapons is planted deeply in their sub consciousness.

Gravity: The gravity here is slightly less than that of the surface of earth. Our heroes has an advantage to move much faster in the fights.

Light: The chemical composition of abundant illuminant material produces light to the various lighting tools and systems. The cosmic energy called ‘Brilliant Power’ forms the ‘yellow suns’ sowed around on the high rock ceiling.

Air: Breathable. Perhaps proportion of oxygen is less by 10 to 15% than the normal air on the earth. No methane or other toxic substance is contained in the air.

Force of the dark side:

Oskron, the Devil’s empire: The dark and murky domain in the deep valley off the barren land of the underworld. It is tremendously hot and humid as it is close to magma..

On the highland of jagged rocks in the center of Oskron is Dark City Sivalbaa. The dense and smelly fog hangs over the city often. It is always dark and gloomy because Demon Lord Tescapoliteca’s residence, the castle of Tripura, is floating just above the city. He named the castle after a beautiful woman called Tripura.
The castle is a black and grotesque structure with odd shaped spires and pinnacles sticking out to all the directions. It is overlooking the entire Sivalbaa. Demon Load put the bio-armor machine in its dungeon. He produces ferocious monsters from the poisonous insects and reptiles such as spiders, centipedes, snakes etc into the bio-battling machine.
Dr. Zen:
Sacred Warriors:
icotes and 12
One of Sacred Mask Battlers
One of Sacred Mask Battlers
Demon Lord Tescapoliteca:
Tripura the evil spirit:
Serviente, Monster Army:
3 Demon leaders:
Jaguar, Puma, Coyote
Nawal Mask:
Demon Lord Tescapoliteca:

Format: 52 episodes X half-hour approx.


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