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Join Kain, Canary and Millie as they each use their individual strengths to battle the evil forces of the universe. Watch...Kain use his PSYCHO BLADE against Carla, the head of the killing troop "Nightmare"... Canary uses her calculating mind and powers to fight Roy Glenn, who tries to double cross the trio at the weapons factory... the powers of SWORD BREAKER aid the group as they bring down the evil bio monsters in the galactic crime organization.

Can they save a major witness in a crime trial? Can Kain stop a mammoth runaway space cruiser on a collision course with the Space Dock? Will Millie's cooking destroy SWORD BREAKER? Find out in twenty six action packed episodes of LOST UNIVERSE!!!

Kain Blueriver: Intergalactic Trouble Shooter, whose motto is 'to carry out any difficult assignment to the end'. Commands SWORD BREAKER, the legendary 'lost spaceship' from an ancient civilization. Is master of PSYCHOBLADE, a weapon of psycho energy requiring tremendous mental strength.

Canary Volfield: The computer terminal of the SWORD BREAKER. She appears in android form, usually as a teenage girl but she can morph into other beings or can project holographic images. Canary's motto is 'to carry out any difficult assignment to the end... as long as it shows a profit'. Her computer mind sometimes shows emotion as she is fond of Kain and quarrels with Millie.

Millie Farrier: Assistant to Kain, jealous of Canary, Millie's a happy-go-lucky girl who is an amateur and self professed private detective. At work, she is very adept at shooting all weapons... but, at home on SWORD BREAKER, she is very inept in the kitchen... providing a bit of comedy, she routinely ruins the meals, the kitchen and the dishes on a regular basis.

Kain Blueriver:
Kain is an intergalactic trouble-shooter . He is a tough and reckless adventurer who captains Sword-Breaker, the legendary lost space ship from an ancient civilization. Kain, a free spirit, keeps an open mind whatever the situation. Ever the optimist, he is always confident he will prevail over whatever troubles await him. His motto is "carry out any difficult assignment to the end!" Kain is the master of the Psycho-Blade, a weapon of psycho energy, requiring tremendous mental strength.
Canary Volfield:
Canary, who appears in android form, is the computer terminal of the Sword-Breaker. She has a distinctive personality, emotions and reasoning abilities. Her usual form is a teenage girl, but if necessary, she can morph her form into a baby, a noble lady or other objects, whatever is needed to help Kain in his missions. Her motto is "carry out any difficult assignment to the end, as long as it shows a profit!" Canary's mind functions as a computer...she is very practical, analytical and logical. On the other hand, she sometimes shows her emotions when she teases Kain for his mistakes or has a quarrel with Millie Farrier.
Millie Farrier:
An uninvited assistant to Kain, jealous of Canary, Millie is a happy-go-lucky girl who is a self-professed, but amateur private detective. She has very basic Œdetecting' skills like opening a locked door with her hair pin! At work, she is very skilled at shooting all weapons...but at home on Sword-Breaker, she is very clumsy in the kitchen. Providing a bit of comedy, she routinely ruins the meals, the kitchen and the dishes on a regular basis. Her dream is to be Œthe best in the universe' at everything she does.
Raily Claymore:
A handsome and smart police inspector of Interstellar Police. Kain has a sort of inescapable "give-and-take" relationship with this young inspector of age appor.27. Nobody knows why Raily is so absorbed in o destroying Kain's Sword Breaker. Raily steals another space ship built by the Old Civilization, but, the ship refused to obey his command and he has to abandon it.
Nina Mercury:
The secretary of Raily Claymore. Nina is so deeply in love with Raily that she is fascinated by his gaze and forgets what she is doing. Nina is in trouble always when she touches any electric tools.
The master of giant company called Gazer Konzern and the boss of mega-crime organization; Nightmare. He sold his soul to evil Darkstar and intends to control the whole universe. Stargazer possesses a power to destroy the mind of a person from afar. Later it is revealed that he is Millie's grandfather and the brother of Alice, Kain's Grandma.
A young-looking guy brainwashed and possessed by Darkstar. He commands Glen and Carly at Nightmare. He is the clone of Stargazer. However, he pretends to be obedient to the boss only to use the crime organization. He injured his shoulder in the battle with Alice 10 years ago. Since then, he has been sleeping for 87016 hours in a capsule. He runs Goln-Nova, one of the legendary Lost Ships.
An assassin of Nightmare who admires Darkseeder and wants to show her loyalty by destroying Kain. Carly's hobby is hunting. She is good at many types of weapons. She is given Ragdo-Mezekis, one of the Lost Ships.
Director of 2nd business department of Gazer Konzern and the assassin of Nightmare. Glen tries to kill Kain with various tactics but never succeeds. The poor old man is forced to assimilate to Nezard, one of the Lost Ships.
Episode Synopsis
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25 minutes X 26 episodes


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