Young Audience Family
Based On And Adapted From The Book Of Louisa M. Alcott

Our story is set in the suburb of Philadelphia during the early 1860's. The civil war is raging and the times are trying at best.

Coping with the tough times, the March family struggles to get by. Mr. March, a preacher, has been summoned to the battle front leaving Mrs. March and her four daughters to fend for themselves. Although they barely have enough food for themselves, they are always ready to share with those even less fortunate. Mrs. March is a kind and generous soul.

The oldest daughter, Meg (Margaret) is a 16 year old girl dreaming of a fashionable life. Meg supports the family's living by tutoring wealthy children and she develops a close bond with Mr. Brooks, the school master.

The second daughter is Jo (Josephine). Joe is 15, quite bright and she sports a strong and boisterous character. Her spunk an imagination shine through in her writing and she truly has literary promise.

The third daughter is 14 year old Beth (Elizabeth). Beth is shy and quiet and her passion takes its form in her love of music. Beth is surprised on her birthday when she is presented with a piano from Lawrence, a family friend often accused of being a stubborn old man.

Finally we meet Amy, the youngest of the daughters and hence a bit spoiled to be sure. Even so, Amy lighthearted, cheerful and often very funny.

Mrs. March and the four sisters bear the burden of the home with a gentle thoughtfulness toward one another. Everyone is hoping father will return from the war soon. One day as Christmas is drawing near, they receive a letter from the front with news that father has been injured. Mrs. March leaves at once to tend to her husband's wounds. While Mrs. March is away, Beth becomes very ill. Her sisters sit up with her, praying her fever will break. Beth soon regains her health and on the very Eve of Christmas, the four sisters receive the best present they could possibly imagine.


26 half-hour episodes
Director: Johei Matsumura, Shoji Akashi, Kazuya Miyazaki
Producer: Johei Matsumura
Produced by: Movie International, Inc./ TV Tokyo


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