Action Adventure
A wacky princess of Mt. Olympus

Welcome to the world of long ago … The world of Mt. Olympus … Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Eros and so on. This, of course, is the world of Greek Mythology, but, it is the world of Little Pollon, the only daughter of the Sun-God Apollo.

Pollon is an adorable little girl, who is anxious to grow up and learn how to take her rightful place among the gods … fulfill her disteny … and become a full-fledged goddess. But, it is just not that easy. Little Pollon is mischievous, naïve and precocious. In other words, she causes havocs and problems among the great Gods of Mt. Olympus who contrary to their usual portrayals, are anything but infallible and all powerful. The Gods show real human qualities and common human weaknesses.

All roads lead to fun. We'll meet Eros, the God of Love, but, you can call him a cupid. His arrows of love bring people together, but he, himself, can't find a girlfriend of his own.

As one of the 12 Gods of Mt. Olympus, Apollo controls the sun. Apollo's father and Pollon's grandpa, Zeus is the greatest god of them all and even at his ripe old age, he still has an eye for younger women, which can get him into more than his share of trouble. Unique and fallible nature of these gods creates hilarious and delightful comedy.

46 half-hour episodes
Director: Takao Yotsuji
Producer: Shigeo Tsubota

© 1983 Movie International Co., Ltd.

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