Action Adventure
WONDER SIX a.k.a Sasraiger

Have you ever traveled to the spaceport on the 4 th Mars? Or maybe visited him on the Green Planet?… Or how about the Zambia Falls on the Rhodes Continent on Planet Four … near Furicar? ….. You haven't? Well. Neither have I, but I do know how to get there and that's by following the WONDER SIX!

Max Girth, alias “Bloody God,” a hi-stake professional gambler on JJ-9 enjoys a good challenge and isn't afraid to back it up with his accrued fortune. Now, this is where the WONDER SIX enter the picture. They are the group of six teenage adventurers; Beat, Susie, Rock, Birdy and of course their leader L.C. Bruce.

When Bruce hits the casino's jackpot, Max Garth challenges the WONDER SIX to travel around all of the planets of the Solar System. But, there's a time limit … six adventurers must travel from one “Trial” to the next, accruing “Trial Points” along the way … and their journey must be completed successfully by midnight on Jupiter Day … one year later. There's a lot of money at stake, In fact, if they'll win everything Max owns, 100% flat! Max Garth has all sorts of evil schemes and dirty tricks planned to keep our six young heroes from sending him to the poorhouse.

Bruce and his friends accept the challenge, however. They travel through space in a worn-out train that understands gravity better than the rest of us. Nobody but the WONDER SIX knows that this train can be transformed into a mighty battle machine. After all, our heroes may need some help in foiling the evil guy like Max Garth, the Bloody God. Not to mention the unknown dangers of the universe.

43 half-hour episodes
Produced by: Movie International Co.,Ltd.


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