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Glamorous Paris, entrancing Venice, romantic Rome and irresistible Vienna... These alluring cities of enchantment invite you to witness the story of a young girl who unexpectedly becomes entangled in daring adventures and rollicking romance.

Vienna, 1907. Princess Flora, the one and only idol of the entire nation, is celebrating her birthday. Flora is young, beautiful, single and the object of all the men's desire. At her huge birthday gala, an astonishingly handsome young man appears in front of her. He is Phoenix, the notorious thief wanted by the police in many countries.

Upset by what is said to her by this indiscreet man, Flora puts her diamond, "The Smile of the Amazon," into the mouth of a fish on a plate and then drops the fish out of a window. Surprising everyone, she declares that she will marry the man who finds the diamond and returns it to her. There is a mad rush as all the men at the party dash out of the hall to seek the fish with the diamond.

Meanwhile, as Lily the cat is strolling down the street, the fish lands at her feet! She does what any hungry cat would do... she eats the fish with the diamond still in it! Unfortunately for Lily, the exited young men rushing from the party see Lily eating the treasured fish! Chased by the men, Lily runs into a restaurant and jumps into the arms of a young waitress called "Honey-Honey." Startled, Honey-Honey is about to embark upon fantastic adventures and daring escapades beyond her wildest dreams!!

A beautiful young woman who earns her living as a waitress. But, unknown to all, she is actually the only child of the Prussian royal family, exiled when their country was overthrown.
Princess Flora:
The adored Princess of Austria, Flora is the catalyst for Honey-Honey's adventures as Flora challenges all of her suitors to find the diamond in the fish... and the successful young man will win Princess Flora's hand in marriage!
An extremely handsome young man who also happens to be the most notorious thief wanted by the police in several countries. While chasing the diamond, he falls in love with Honey-Honey.
Honey-Honey's cat. When Lily eats the treasured fish, Honey-Honey and Lily embark upon a wild excursion experiencing bold adventures and captivating romance.
A handsome, young, tiger striped feline, Sidney is the boyfriend of Lily the cat.

29 half-hour episodes
Produced by: Movie International Co., Ltd.


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