Action Adventure
HANAKO-SAN GA KITA!! School of Horror

The original GAKKOU NO KOWAI UWASA: HNAKO-SAN GA KITA!! first appeared in 1994 as a short animation series in the kid’s TV program Ponkikkies (Fuji TV). The animation series became as a big hit and Hanako’s stories appeared in various other media, such as books, CDs and games. This new series is based on the novel GAKKOU NO KOWAI UWASA Shin: Hanako-san ga Kita!! published by Take Shobo in 2006.

The story revolves around Hanako, a girl who lives in a supernatural world-not on earth. Hanako appears when schoolchildren are in trouble. Her nemesis is Yomiko-san, but Hanako also has a trustworthy partner called HOWA-HOWA.

Format: 33 episodes X 5 minutes

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