Action Adventure
A hair raising adventure! A hilarious comedy! And an outrageous hero! Jester is a hot-blooded guy. Unpredictable and Invincible! He has no conscience yet somehow, whatever he does turns out right!!

Jester is an unusual hero with an amazing destiny. He is an incredible adventurer -- reckless, greedy and ambitious. His dream is to capture all the treasures of the world. he was born as the crown prince of the Kingdom of Esharott. However he was abandoned as the result of the trickery that hte Satan of the Darkside Empire played on his father. Mora, the queen of the Darkside pitied Jester. Disguised as an old fortune-teller, she saves Jester and with her powerful magic, turns him into two people. One is Jester himself and the other a guy named Justice. The two young men get together to fight against the Satan. Jester swings his Sword of Fire and Justice slashes with the Sword of Ice. After tremendous battles between the good and the evil. Jester and Justice prevail. They destroy the clone "King" controlled by Satan and then they throw Satan out of this world. Jester has the natural birthright to the throne, but he is a rambling adventurer with no desire to settle in one place. Jester passes the royal scepter to Justice and sets out on a quest for adventure. roubett, a real tomboy looking for exitement, tags along.

A young man named Prince joins them. Prince is the son of Mora. By birthright he is the successor of the Darkside Empire. He has been banished by his mother for the many mistakes he has made. Mora orders Prince to join Jester on his adventures to learn the ways of the world. Thus the hilarious journey of the wacky trio begins...

An ambitious and reckless adventurer seeking fortune. Jester's sword possesses power to blast blazing fire. He is a most unusual hero. He does not hesitation to betray his friends for money. He does not care what is right or what is wrong. Yet, whatever he does turns out to be a "good thing."
A sparkling tomboy. The only daughter of powerful Count. Roubett likes adventurous Jester and tags along with him for thrills and excitement. She is skilled in handling weapons. Her weapon is a bow and arrows both of which have magic power.
Prince Nearly:
He is the son of Mora, the fortune-teller and a prince of the Darkside Empire. He is handsome and sweet. He is deprived of the qualifications necessary to be the successor of the Darkside because of his mistakes in the human world. Mora orders him to travel with Jester and train himself to become a better ruler. His incurable weakness is "girls."
She disguises herself as an old fortune-teller. Mora's true identity is the queen of the Darkside Empire and the mother of the Prince. She pities the fate of Jester and helps him out of misfortune. She likes Jester's guts and ambition.
A giant spirit coming out of Mora's stone. He becomes Jester's servant as Jester released him from the stone.
Other supporting characters
The beautiful daughter of the owner of Jester's hotel. Being lead by an unexpected fate, she will be the Queen of Esharott
Justice is the other half of Jester. An honest and brave guy. Jester and Justice fight Satan and destroy its cunning plots. Jester aks him to be the new king of Esharott.
Episode Synopsis
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Director: Kunihisa Sugishima
Story & Series Structure: Sumihiro Tomioka and Masamichi Sugawara
Original Story& Illustrations: Usagi Nakamura
Screenplay: Koji Miura and Kouichi Mizuide
Character Design: Miho Shimokasa

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