Action Adventure
Soccer Action Anime based on the Hit Manga

A new manager (coach) is introduced to the down on their luck players of ETU (East Tokyo United), a professional soccer team which has been struggling at the bottom of the premier league. If their game does not improve, they are doomed to fall to a lower division next season.

Takeshi Tastumi, aka “TT” is this new, outlandish manager. He used to be a legendary star player with ETU but abandoned the team in Japan during his prime to make it big in Europe.

Now back in Japan, TT has taken on the challenge of managing his old team, ETU, Tokyo with the goal of restoring ETU to its former glory. Immediately he feels rebellion and distrust among the players. He has to lead the team to victory against the strong, league-leading teams. The training tactics he uses surprises the players and causes more doubt. Can TT prove his outstanding leadership to his team and the fans as well…?

In a pre-season match, ETU's opponent is Tokyo Victory, the league champion of the previous year. TT leaves Tokyo Victory in total disbelieve with his uncelebrated talented rookies. TT's game plan is unpredictable and hard to defend against.

This series is based on and adapted from the original serial comic books entitled “Giant Killing” written and created by Masaya Tsunamoto and Tsujitomo, and published by Kodansha.

Takeshi Tatsumi (TT):
ETU's new manager (coach). He used to be a star player of this team a long time ago. Also a former member of Japanese national team. As the coach (manager) of a team in England, he made tremendous records in a short period of time. He led an amateur club in the 5 th division into one of the 32 nd strongest teams in the FA CUP. The owners of a “struggling at the bottom” of the premier league hire him hoping for a change of luck. He looks like a quiet and decent gentleman, but the game plans he sets up always surprise everybody including his own players. Let's call him “ TT .”
Daisuke Tsubaki:
A rookie MF (Middle Fielder) joined ETU this season. He is a totally unknown rookie. Although he is gifted with outstanding speed and stamina, he often has trouble showing his true strength as he tends to fold under the pressure. His number is 7.
Shigeyuki Murakoshi:
Shige is the captain of team and is called Mr. UTE. He controls the game for ETU. He is literally the central figure of ETU with his determination and fighting spirit. He accepted the offer from ETU as he admires TT's flamboyant techniques.
Luigi Yoshida:
Everybody calls him “Gino” but he wants to be called “Prince.” He sticks to playing in his own style. Although he posses outstanding senses to play as a mid fielder, he has not made good results.
Kosei Goto:
Goto is ETU's general Manager. He used to be TT's teammate in the old days. He trusts TT's talent to turn the team into an aggressive one and recommends ETU's executives to hire him. He has great anticipation for ETU's future under the new manager, TT..
Yuri Nagata:
The one and only publicity manager of ETU. Her father is the chairman of ETU and her uncle is the vice chairman. She has been supporting ETU since her childhood days. She tries to be of help to TT.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 26 half-hour episodes
Genre: Drama


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