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Our story is set in another world, parallel to ours. We meet Pastel, an orphan girl, 18 years old, who lives with a group of adventurers in a small house. Pastel works as a writer and also a "mapper", charting towns, the countryside, rivers and mountains with sketches and illustrations.

She is highly respected by her friends as her intelligence and honesty are extraordinary. Living in the house with Pastel, we meet Clay, a young swordsman; Trapp, the son of a bandit chieftain; Kitton, literally a working dictionary and a descendant of the Family Kittons; Knoll, a big guy a with tender heart; Whitey, a baby dragon; and Rumy, an infant sorcerer of the tribe "Elf." Together this odd group become involved in many mysterious adventures from treasure hunting, to searching for a missing person, to challenging a riddle, to many more unexpected quests.

With Pastel's outstanding brain, Clay's courage and friendship, and the cooperation of all the other members, this special group is sure to triumph over the most awesome of circumstances. Their goodness guides their actions and in this way, they are blessed.

Pastel G. King:
A cheerful 16 year old girl who has tremendous curiosity and inquisitiveness. Although she is bright and thoughtful, she has a tendency to jump to conclusions. Her parents passed away some time ago. She is a poet and an artist and she earns her living by writing books of their Quests and illustrating maps of their journeys..
Clay S. Anderson:
The leader of the Group. He is a descendent of the noble family of the Knight Troop of the Ronza Kingdom. Like his grand father, who was the legendary "Blue Knight", Clay is a man of honor, responsibility and moral. The long sword, which he inherited from his ancestors, is his most proud possession next to his life. He keeps it in perfect condition always. Though he has a strong sense of justice, he feels he was not an aggressive fighter.
A childhood friend of Clay's. Trapp is the product of a bandit family. He is very agile and quick-witted. When a battle starts he shows his natural sense in full by slipping away to safety with amazing speed. Very realistic and shrewd unlike other members of the Group, his sharp-tongue often bothers the others. He's excellent at sling-shot.
He is believed to come from a royal lineage, "The Kittons". This is not known for certain as he has amnesia. He has a strong desire to learn, especially pertaining to herbs. His mini-picture book is very useful when the group encounters danger. He is extremely indifferent to cleanliness and hygiene and he dislikes taking a bath and or cutting his hair.. His profession is a farmer.
A big man from "Gigantis." Height 2 meters. Weight 120 kilos. Atypical of a man who possesses tremendous strength, he is quiet and tender-hearted. He is looking for his two sisters who have disappeared without cause. He can talk with certain birds and animals. His job is a carrier, pulling a cart containing all the belongings of the Group. His hobby is playing cat's cradle.
An infant girl of the "Elves to the Sorcerers". Although she is able to play weak magic of "Fire", "Cold', "Stop" and "Fly," it is not very useful to the group. She sticks to Whitey, the white dragon.
The baby dragon of the legendary White Dragon who's said to bring happiness. He can emit two kinds of blows, "Hot" and "Dazzling." He is small like a puppy usually, but can make his size 10 meters big for a short period of time. He can even fly a little in a clumsy way. He disguises himself as a puppy. Problem is he can not bark well like a dog.
Monster Mini-Picture Book - Kitton's information source.
A nocturnal monster living in the dark forest. Size 80 cm to 1m. It flies around among the trees with its wiry skin between it's hands and legs. It comes down without sound and bites the neck or wrist with sharp fang-like teeth. To remove it, you have to find a tiny soft part on its back and pinch it. Then it will be obedient instantly and will loosens it's bite. Momonga hates fire.
The black sorcerers engrossed in vicious creations, they succeed to trap their tamed monsters in a special crystal capsule. They can release the monsters any time they want. It is of grave danger to the adventurers. However, the black sorcerers are still unable to conquer the high-leveled monsters like Dragon, Basilisk, Vampire etc... This Hydra is one of the monsters suspended in the capsule. It is a giant snake measuring more than five meters long. Its huge mouth with sharp fangs can digest anything its stomach. The only weak point - when capsulated monsters are manipulated by a black sorcerer. When he is freed, Hydra loses its power and becomes a harmless big snake.
One of the well-known human-type beasts. There is a legend in many places that the human can turn into a wolf on the night of the full moon. This Werewolf was born a beast. Like the wild wolves, werewolves move around the deep forest in a group or family. They are very agile and fierce hunters. When they meet an enemy, they surround it, shorten the circle and jump at it all together. They kill the enemy with their sharp fangs and claws. There is a rumor that the ordinary human becomes a werewolf, but it is not proven yet. Some scientists say it is just symptoms of a possessed wild beast. Others say anybody injured by a werewolf becomes a "carrier" and will change into a werewolf soon.
A giant beetle antlers like a moose. Koronet is usually a gentle insect who likes to live in the quiet, dark woods or by the pond. However, during breeding season, it would be dangerous to get close. It gets nervous and spits a stinking liquid to anything in its sight. The odor of this liquid can not be washed out for 6 months to one year. This odor attracts other monsters. Koronet's antlers turn into an orange color in the breeding season. If you notice this, you'd better stay away. The larva stays in the warm and humid mold for 20 years. It is delicious and very nutritious, too, when fried lightly. It should be kept frozen.
A giant eel living in a big swamp like lake. It attacks its' enemy with high electric volts produced by the power generator in its body. The body length is somewhere between 3 to 10 meters. However, it is doubtful whether this 10 meters Electra truly exists or not, There has only been one reported sighting of such a big eel. It is reported that it has strange stripes on both sides. The problem is that the information is very scarce. So, if you encounter Electra and succeed in getting away, please contact our group of adventurers.
This unique animal, with a hard shell on top and 10 short legs on the bottom, was found in the prairies of Ronza, Leeza, and Derarus. It is 2 meters high and 3.5 meters long. Siteman are a very gentle animals and they rarely attack people. The danger is that once it starts running, it cannot stop. If you are in its way, you would be crushed before you even had time to scream. Siteman are classified as friendly to humans. Never try to kill or harm one just for pleasure!
An incredible creature born from the molten lava. It is 2 to 3 meters high. It has amazing physical strength and melts anything it touches. It is almost invincible, and extremely tenacious. The best way to attack this creature is to pour water on it. Swords and other such weapons are useless. The best bet is to just run for your life!
The fairies with tiny wings on their backs. They live in the remote country side away from human dwellings. Most likely nobody has ever seem them flying in the air, without making the slightest sound. It is well known that Duran the Hero, encountered a troop of Pixy in the flower garden when he was just recruited. If you anger them for any reason, they will surround and attack you with arrows and sting-like swords. They can also make themselves invisible. If hit by an arrow, you feel paralyzed at the point of impact. If your eye is hit, you will lose your sight instantly. To regain your vision, you have to find the extract of the morning dew which is collected by Pixies. Needless to say, this is extremely difficult.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 26 episodes X 25 minutes
Production Year: 1997

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