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By the end of the twenty-first century, the world was enjoying a period of extended peace.
The major nations were no longer threatening each other with nuclear annihilation and the smaller, more volatile nations had resolved their border disputes and petty squabbles.
However, one thing was spoiling this idyllic time. A new breed of criminal was operating worldwide with little or no opposition. It seemed that their aim was to make themselves as rich and powerful as possible.
These gangsters used every known form of extortion. Piracy, blackmail and bombings became everyday events all over the world. Their target were rich nations who invariably gave in to the criminal demands raher than see major damage inflicted on their country's buildings and communication and transport networks.
The billions of dollars the gangsters accumulated funded the construction of secret bases around the world and the purchase of sophisticated weaponry and equipment.
The gangsters called themselves BLACK ORCHID and became ever stronger as attempts to combat them met with little or no success.
The world's major nations decided that they would create a new crime fighting organisation called STORM FORCE to destroy BLACK ORCHID.
This top secret operation was code named “FIRE STORM”.
Personnel were recruited from all over the world. Some had military backgrounds, some had academic backgrounds but all of them were best in the world at their own particular skill and dedicated to ending the threat from BLACK ORCHID.
All the recruits underwent the most rigorous training before being assigned to one of nine fighting groups which made up STORM FORCE. Each group was based on a huge submarine cruiser which housed intelligence gathering equipment, aircraft and attack submarines.
Secrecy was deemed to be the main weapon of new crime fighting force and this required that the submarine cruisers concealed themselves in the ocean depth while they listened to the world's communications frequencies searching for radio video transmissions from BLACK ORCHID that would reveal their whereabouts and intentions.
STORM FORCE met with some success during the first months of OPERATION FIRESTORM but BACK ORCHID proved to be a fearsome adversary.
It was a mission involving STORM FORCE 9 – the five strong team that had proved themselves to be STORM FORCE's elite - that was to discover the true strength of BLACK ORCHID and reveal the real reason for the spread of this new kind of crime throughout the world.
It was a discovery that shook the whole of STORM FORCE and terrified goverments who wre told about it. It was of such cataclysmic proportions that an immediate security blackout ensured no one who wasn't in the highest levels of government learned anything.
It began with a STORM FORCE 9 intelligence gathering mission in Siberia. They had a suspected BLACK ORCHID hideout under surveillance using their long range listening equipment. They monitored a conversation which revealed that an attempt was going to be made to put a “love potion” into the City of Chicago's water supply in an attempt to render the city's population subservient to BLACK ORCHID.
They also discovered that BLACK ORCHID were to enlist someone to put a vial of the potion into the city's reservoir and then immediately kill him. This would ensure that BLACK ORCHID could not be traced.
On the appointed day STORM FORCE 9, in disguise and using equipment specialy designed and built for the mission, positioned themselves at the reservoir. Sam Scott, STORM FORCE 9's Commender, heard a shot ring out. The shot that meant that the vial containing the potion had been thrown into the reservoir and the person who had done it had been killed.
The special equipment the team had brought with them pinpointed the source of the shot. Sam Scott entered the coordinates into his rifle and fired. While one of the team recovered the vial, the others raced over to the body that had been felled by the bullet from Scott's gun.
What they saw chilled them to the bone. They could hardly believe their eyes. The flesh on the face of the dead gunman began to melt. As it dripped away, the face of an alien being was revealed. The group stood in stunned silence.
They had made the awesome discovery that the members of BLACK ORCHID were not human. They were from another planet in another solar system.
BLACK ORCHID had been sent by their own planet in order to destabilize Earth in preparation for a major invasion in the years to come. They used only the weapons available to them on Earth in the belief that they would be detected if they used their own sophisticated weaponry.
Now that BLACK ORCHID had been revealed as aliens, they could now use their own weaponry and could soon become an even more dreaded enemy than they had been previously.
It is the year 2104 and STORM FORCE is no longer merely fighting gangsters.
It is fighting for the very survival of planet Earth.

Episode Synopsis
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Format:26 episodes X 25 minutes approx.
Produced By: FIRESTORM Production Committee

© 2002 ifs/pams

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