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The story is a succession of races in imaginative paths and runs to suit her run. The story will focus increasingly what is the real Emperor, will be discovered having this many mini title that will compare against the Emperor of Yonkuro, the epilogue to the epic challenge of the Rally of hell in this race will challenge a group of thugs who want to take advantage of Best of Mini 4WD racers to be able to recover a hidden treasure. This story is used by the very popular main character Yonkuro Hinomaru.


Yonkuro’s father left him for challenging a ultimate car racing when he was a small kid. The father gave the boy a mini-4WD car, believing his son will understand his father’s dream one day.
A few years later, Yonkuro is growing to a high-spirited boy. He joins a mini-4WD racing event held in his town. Against his will, he falls into a trouble with other boy, Tankuro. Then a man named Sumeragi intercedes between two boys. He suggests a special duel racing. The boys agree and Yonkuro made a narrow victory over Tankuro. They make friends to each other after the race.
Couple fo days later, the boys are invited to Sumeragi’s house. Sumeragi tells he is the creator of Yonkuro’s mini-4WD. Then two boys are introduced to Sumeragi’s daughter, Rinko and other two boys named Shinkuro and Pankuro. Semeragi’s desire is to offer his support for these five youth to make a new team and join the big racing circuit for the national championship. This group is named “DASH TROOP.” All the members ar excited, but, the things are not going so smooth.. In the fierce racing battles of ever-evolving 4-WD cars, there are lots of twists and turns, and then lucky success and miserable failures. Yonkuro and his team mates continue to challenge the racings with new prototype 4-WD presented by Sumeragi. Then they learn there is a mysterious machine called “Horizon” which is believed to be the origin of the mini-4WD of Yonkuro’s team. Yonkuro and his friends are entangled in the strife of being the successor of Horizon, the legendary 4-WD machine. But, who is the creator of Horizon? To Yonkuro’s bewilderment, a rumor says Yonkuro’s father made this mini-WD masterpiece. His father is still missing for a long time. Will Yonkuro meet his father again?

Format: 24 episodes X half-hour approx.


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