Action Adventure
Based on "Don Quixote de la Mancha" of Cervantes

Our hero, Don de La Mancha, is a man of noble birth, he is a perfect gentleman with a kind heart and a lofty spirit. Don de la Mancha was raised in wealth and abundance, quite free from worry or cares from the world around him. He is trusting and vulnerable, without a doubtful or suspicious thought in his head.
One day La Mancha meets Dornesia, a lady of exquisite beauty. Dornesia tells La Mancha that she is from a distinguished family of both nobility and wealth. He is entranced by her beauty and falls in love.
In truth, Dornesia is the cunning daughter of Karabos, a chieftain of thieves, who disguises himself as a noble man. Karabos suffers from a chronic shortage of money, claiming he is down on his luck in "business". Karabos sees that La Mancha is a trusting soul and he pleads with his daughter to as La Mancha for his financial assistance.
La Mancha, with no reason to doubt or suspect her trickery, prepares to give Dornesia the aid she needs. He is about to grant her request when a sudden incident reveals her deceit.

Don de La Mancha:
A man of knighthood who sets out on a quest for adventure. He dreams that one day he will win the heart of Dornesia, a beauty princess.
The carefree servant of Don de La Mancha. Although reluctant and critical of his master's action, Sancho tries his best to help him in a time of crisis.
The cowardly and goofy horse of Don de La Mancha
The daughter of Karabos, the chieftain of thieves. An attractive lady thief who our hero falls in love with.
The boss of notoious

Format: 28 half-hour episodes


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