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Some time in the future. The world has completely dried up and the land has turned to desert as far as one can see. There are hardly any rivers and lakes left, all of which are occupied by villains, or inhabited by dangerous animals. Water has become the most valuable commodity in the world. Whoever can control the water will rule the entire world.

Outside of small towns, the vast desert expands. It is filled with monsters and demons. It is a dangerous time to be alive. In the sea of desert that now covers the world, treasures, machines of advanced technology, and robots are buried. Some folks find robots in the ruins and restore them to use as tools.

Our hero Kuppa and his bossy sister Yukke, are treasure hunters in the desert. Treasure hunting is great fun. But, it is very dangerous, too. A villain called Bibimba wants to capture them, saying his unique hobby is "hunting the treasure hunters"!

Kuppa Age 11:
Kuppa loves adventure. Carrying a huge sword on his back, he runs around the desert with his robot pal, Dram. Although reckless, he is tender to the weak and poor. He never forgives injustice. He rides on Dram in "battle-mode" in an effort to stop villains in their wrong-doings. He fears nothing except one thing - his elder sister, Yukke. Kuppa never wins with his faultfinding sister who always worries about him.
Age 14 - Kuppa's sister. Yukke is an engineering genius. As a treasure hunter, she is Kuppa's most fearful competitor. She is a thrifty girl who knows how to scrape by. Her biggest concern in the world is Kuppa who she thinks is dumb, stupid and reckless.
Kuppa's assistant robot. It has a cyber-mind that functions very much like the human mind. It transforms its body into 3 different modes -"Barrel Mode," "Battle Mode" and "Hyper Mode." Dram consumes precious water, as it is its only energy source. So, Kuppa's earnings flow away for water.
Yukke's robot-mate Jet is the city boy type. It has very polished manners. Its real name is "Dram-3" but Jet can"t stand that name. It also hates to change its body to Dram-3 as its butt turns into a Plasma cannon.
The infamous boss of a crime organization called Pulcogi. He controls the water supply. He has a demented hobby of "Hunting the treasure hunters" and sends his bunch of thugs to hunt Kuppa and Yukke.
A mysterious and handsome guy manipulating a precious stone called "Aqua Luna." He has been observing human history for 3,500 years. Yukke falls in love with him, not knowing his true identity.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 26 episodes X half-hour approx.


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