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BUCKY The Incredible Kid
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In the Twelve-World, the mysterious land in an unknown dimension, the humans, monsters and spirits co-exist in harmony for a long time. All the lives are protected by the Princess of "the Needle Tower" in "the Zero World." All of a sudden, the balance of the Twelve-World is crumbled. The Princess of the Needle Tower is confined to sleep. After losing the protection of the Princess, the monsters are released from the chain of life and become uncontrollable. They begin to attack the humans...

The trouble-shooters called the Great Children dealing with the incidents involving the monsters are the only ones who can restore the harmony and balance of the Twelve-World. Spaak is the best of the group of the Great Children and the center of children's admiration. He learns that the Zero World was invaded. On the way to the Needle Tower, he meets an incredible boy, Bucky. Young and ambitious Bucky wants to be the strongest man and conquer the world. Spaak feels something special in Bucky and chooses the boy to be his successor. So, Bucky sets out for his quest to be the best Great child of the world. While going ahead recklessly, Bucky learns that the monsters are controlled by an unknown power from another dimension. He meets Kai, Pinky and other fellow Great Children and continues to travel to the Needle Tower with them.

The hero of this series. Aggressive, ambitious and reckless. Bucky is chosen as the successor of Spaak, the strongest Great Child and becomes the Great Child of "Primas", the first land in the Twelve-World. He is amazingly powerful although he does not have a license as a Great Child. His ambition is to be strong enough to conquer the world. He is confident to be a better fighter than Spaak. Bucky's Spirit is "Jibac."
The Great Child of Sekandas, the 2nd land of the Twelve-World. Pinky has the power of teleportation. She is fond of Spaak and sets out on a journey with Bucky to find him. Always cheerful and bright. Also a good party organizer. She has great power as a Great Child. She loves monsters because becoming a vet is her dream. Her Spirit is "Bambi:"
The Great Child of "Trios," the 3rd land of the Twelve-World. Kai has the master license of martial arts and weaponry. He is exceptionally skillful in the art of stick. He wants to be like Spaak who saved his village. He takes on Bucky for a fight. After tremendous battle he becomes a good friend to Bucky. He tends to be a bit emotional and is moved to tears easily. Kai is always courteous like a master of martial arts. Kai's Spirit is "Bakzan."
The best of the Great Children. Even though he has grown up, he can still see the spirits and can communicate with them. Spaak gives the position of the Great Child of "Primas," the 1st land of the Twelve-World to Bucky and disappears. However, when Bucky is in danger, Spaak comes to his rescue. Spaak is extraordinarily strong and full of fighting spirits.
The Twelve-World:
Great numbers of monsters inhabit the Twelve-World where they live on the delicate balance of the natural food chain. When this balance becomes distorted, the monsters become unstable and are then harmful to human beings. There is one Great child in each of twelve lands, who is to protect the people from such crisis. The Twelve lands communicate and trade with one another, however each land is one independent country. There are also spirits in this world that serve to provide communication and understanding between humans and the monsters. Children can see the spirits but adults cannot as they do not believe in their existence.
The Zero World:
Nobody knows of the Zero World where Spaak is going. Spaak says he has to go there because he is not a child, nor an adult anymore. Perhaps it is the dominion scrambling the balance of the Twelve-World. "0" means nothing before one is born or after one passes away the shapeless world it means the supreme level of conscience beyond the level of spirits. It might be the world between dreams and reality.
Princess sleeping in the Needle Tower:
She is the key to solving the mystery of this story. According to the legend, when the princess awakens, the entire world belongs to "Zero" and the 'eternal" world inhabited by the chosen ones - the ones who are not children nor adults - begins. The princess is guarded by the Great Soldiers. However, the weird incidents happening in the Twelve-World indicate that she will be awakened soon. When she opens her eyes, the story goes into an astonishing finale!!
The Great Child:
The harmful beasts are called " the trouble monsters." When the 'Trouble Call' rings, the Great Child appears to rescue. Only a child can be a Great Child. No adult is allowed to be a Great Child, only children see and communicate with the spirits. When a child is qualified, he or she goes to the Needle Tower and receives a license. To reach the Needle Tower, one has to travel with the spirits through 12 lands clockwise. The long and gruesome travel in 12 lands requires strong will. Only the children who can overcome difficulty and hardship will reach the goal.
The Spirits:
The spirits are in the shape of pink round spheres. When they encounter a dangerous monster, they blast out tremendous energy as if exploding. The energy blows the monsters out of the world. However, their main role is to help the Great Children to communicate with the monsters. It is believed that there are a great number of spirits drifting around in this world. They change their shapes according to their master's taste. The spirits never speak. Each Great Child has his or her own spirit.
Episode Synopsis
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Format: 26 half-hour episodes
Original Story: Ami Shibata


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