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Fighting Chef Zen

"Bistro Recipe - Fighting Chef Zen" is a clever, witting and "tasteful" series. It is very creative, using food from all over the world to inspire exciting, action-packed adventures.

It is the stort of Chef Zen, a young cook whose ambition is to become the best chef in the entire world. As in all stories, the villians scheme to prevent Chef Zen and to conquer the world.

The villains create their evildoers in the kitchen. these henchmen know as FOODONS, are monsters transformed from various kinds of food. The FOODONS are powerful and evil is the only thing they know.

Our hero also has to create delicious food to manufacture his own FOODONS to fight back against these villains.

This battle of cooking exquisite food is difficult but fun and for us, the viewers, The battles of the FOODON monsters are exciting and hilarious.


A young cook, Zen, has never succeeded in making a Foodon, a monster transformed from tasteful food. His father, Tukiji, teaches Zen all the knowledge he gained in his long cookin career. "The most important ingredient in cooking is the heart. If you put your heart into cooking, you'll be able to make a Foodon." With these words in mind, Zen practices his cooking technique everyday.

One day, a devastating incident shakes the world. An evil chef called Don Cook and his Four Big Gourmets attack great chefs in many parts of the world. they kidnap Zen's father so Zen makes up his mind to find and help out his father. he sets out on a journey with his younger sister, Karin. he pulls his father's all mightly cooking stand. 'Chin-Ton-Un', along with them. When he needs to cook, this stand turns into an amazing kitchen equipped with the most elaborate cooking tools imaginable.

Don Cook is powerful. he has a big organization and sends hideous Foodons to stop Zen. Zen is a fighter and is never discouraged. he's determined to become a great chef, defeat Don Cook's monster FOODONS, and bring peace to the world!

Age 10. he has been chosen to be the God of Food, although he does not know it yet. he has devoted himself to the practice of cooking and creating new Foodons. he excels in a style of cooking known as the "Trinity of Materials" which ingredients include Meat or Fish, Vegetables, and Seasonings. this combination is sure to create FOODONS of noble and good deeds. once his attention is on creating a Fooddon, he forgets everything else. As he journey's to find his father, he pulls along the all-mightly cooking stand called 'Chin-Ton-Un'
Age 8. karin is Zen's younger sister. She is clever and rather down to earth compared with Zen. She is very knowledgeable about cooking. Karin never forgets the taste of any food she eats. She has "an infinite stomach."
Age 6. A gluttonous boy with skillful hands. he is searching for his parents who were also kidnapped by Don Cook. Pietan is curious and sometimes he seems a bit warped.
Age unknown. haoji is the guide of the story. he is an immortal with great knowledge of a wide variety of food and tastes. In fact, he is The God of Food but has lost his divine power. he is also a creator of Foodon. he moves around on his painted flying saucer and teaches "Haoji's Cooking Style". haoji's motto - "Cooking is love!"
Age 38. Gental father of Zen and Karin. Tukiji is a first class chef. he has created his own cooking style known as "Trinity of Material". He wants to teach the children how wonderful Foodons can be. Tukiji's motto - "Cooking is Heart!"
Age unknown. the leader of a secret group formed to destroy Don Cook. His true identity is Zen's father. (It is a secret!) He searches out good cooks whom he can teach his culinary skills. He likes masks. Unlike his appearance, he is a comical character.
Age 12. A promising cook of the new generation, found by clown. Natume is a descendent of cooking Ninjas. She hides lots of kitchenware in her body. She looks for tenderness, as she has no family.
Don Cook:
Age unknown. Born in Bistogram. Don Cook wants to be the master of all cooking techniques and knowledge. His skill in cooking is beyond the most famous chef in the world. he is particularly interest in "beauty" as he is very handsome. he uses monstrous Foodons to conquer the world. Some believe he failed to become The God of Food. Don Cook's motto - "Cooking is power!"
Age 26 approx. he is first class chef specializing in the western style. he is very resourceful and makes good conclusion always. He is very good at precisely re-creating food made by others. he is planing to take over Don Cook when the time in right.
Age 22. A superb cook of Chinese cuisine. She dances while she cooks. She wants to be the most beautiful chef in the world. She is in love with Don Cook.
Age 11. The expert of ethnic cooking. Kima has a sharp sense of smell. he is a genius in blending seasonings. He can talk to animals and his dream is to build an animal kingdom. Once he gets outraged, no one can stop him, though usually he is cheerful and quiet. he used to be a prince of the monkey kingdom, but Don Cook put the magic spell, :change a cook into animal formation", over him and turned him into a monkey beast.

Format: 26 episodes X 25 minutes approx.


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