Action Adventure

There are so many incredible things beyond comprehension in the world. It seems that the numbers of mysterious incidents are increasing every day. It also seems that there are individuals responsible for these events. And so the idea was born to gather the individuals who possess unusual or uncommon ability at a school where they can receive properly training before it's too late. And so it was done. The school is called “Alice Academy” and a person who possesses a very special ability is called ‘an Alice of X.'

Alice Academy is not a secret or hidden institution of sorcerers and black magicians like the place where Harry Potter studies…! It is a legitimate public school for gifted students. All the students and also the teachers of the academy have very unique talents. Campus life here is really exciting and thrilling! Unexpected clamor and commotion happen on the campus with regularity. So, the academy strongly recommends that anyone with no “Alice” should NOT come close to it!


Mikan and Hotaru grow up in a small town in the remote countryside. They are close friends. Suddenly, Hotaru moves to a school in a big city. Mikan misses Hotaru so badly that she decides to find her. She follows Hotaru to a school called “Alice Academy,” only to be kicked out as no interview or meetings with students or teachers are permitted at this academy. She finds that only the students gifted with special ability are accepted here. Just then, Mikan has an unexpected chance to get into the school for a one week trial admission thanks to a teacher, Mr. Narumi who senses something special in Mikan.

Mikan is overjoyed to see Hotaru, but soon she has a quarrel with Natume, the boss of the class and faces the spiteful attitude of the other students in the class. Hotaru is of no help to Mikan. Natume and other students suspect Mikan has no special power at all and start to use their Alice on her. But, to their astonishment, Mikan protects herself from their attacks by neutralizing the malicious energy. This is her Alice. One week later Mikan is officially accepted to enter the academy. However, she has no idea what is waiting for her in this paranormal world of Alice Academy. As of yet unknown to her, many strange and wicked plots are secretly going on.

©Tachibana Higuchi · Hakusensha/Alice Academy Committee 2004 All Rights Reserved

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