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Enoki Films proudly presents a brand new CG animation series entitled “TOMATOMAN and three Musketeers.”

“TOMATOMAN and three Musketeers” will be aired in Spring 2015.
The series consists of 26 episodes X 25 minutes approx.


The Kingdom of Veegan is a beautiful dreamland where vegetables, fruits, nuts and insects to live together in peace and harmony.
But, when a stormy weather roars in, the evil bugs are spawned in the swampland.
Queen Bugfly believes she herself is the most beautiful in the world. Then, she hears the rumor that Princess Peach, the daughter of King Meloneous is prettiest girl in the country.
Outraged , she casts an evil spell of eternal sleep on the beautiful Princess Peach, King Meloneous, the Good-heart, sends for "The Withered Plum," an old hermit and pleads to find a way to awaken the princess at all cost.
"The Withered Plum" summands Tomatoman and his three mischievous buddies to get a drop of dragon’s tears….

Tom the TomatoMan (tomato):
A shy young tomato, he's transformed into a mighty knight. Not the brightest of boys, luck is usually on his side.
Rocky Potato: (potato) – One of three musketeers:
A proud but stubborn young man. A mighty muscle-man.
A woodsman by trade, even though he refuses to learn to climb a tree.
Chesto (chestnut) – One of three musketeers:
A cynical and talkative guy with a bit of short temper.
He has the secret purse full of thorns. He casts them to the enemy.
Carrotty the red Ninja: (Carrot) – One of three musketeers:
A descendant of a warrior family. He put the red hood in fight.
A mailman in regular life, he is very agile and skillful in disguise.
Bananan: (Banana):
A studious, melancholy young man. Though he was turned into a knight, he would rather read poetry than fight battles. He is clever and resourceful thanks to his enormous reading and knowleges
Dr. Pane Napple: (Pineapple):
Formerly a university professor, an inventor who creates strange machines that bewilder the other knights.
Bella Peppa : (Bell-pepper):
A kindergarten teacher, she compels the other knights to line up every morning as if they were still children.
Limona : Lemon):
A young, bright and cheerful little girl.
Patt, Pitt, Putt and Pott: (Peas):
These pea quadruplets travel together in a pea-pod boat. Together they comprise one knight.
King Meloneous: (Melon):
The jolly, good-natured ruler of the Veegan Kingdom.
Princess Peach:
The kind beautiful daughter of King Meloneous, beloved by the entire kingdom.
Tomatoman is her special favorite.
The master Plum: (Dried old plum )--- grimace – sour face:
The mentor of Tomatoman and three The wizard who created the Knights of the Salad Table. He travels on a flying leaf.
Queen Bugfly:
A vain and selfish butterfly, she believes that she is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.
Buggy, Boggy and Baggy:
Bugfly's trio of villainous-looking and gluttonous bodyguards. They have infinite avarice on any food and never stops eating. Unlike their looks, they are gutless insects.
Lord Mantis:
Queen Badfly's greedy and treacherous butler. His ambition is to destroy the Kingdom of Salad.
Mothraah: (moth):
A monstrous creature who is a remote relative of Queen Bugfly.
Tyranno: (dragon):
A dragon resides in the cave of Mount Jarapenyo.
He befriends with Tomatoman later.

Format: 26 episodes X 25 minutes


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